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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Friday, June 24, 2011

Little updates about school

It has been about two weeks since school started and Ryan really need time to get used to school life again. After having that two weeks school holiday + 1 week sick holiday, Ryan was enjoying too much at home with mummy & daddy . That is why every morning, he will cry awhile at school when I sent him off. My heart was pain to leave him there,but I have to be firm and can't pamper him too much. It is time for him to be independent at school.....I always checked with his form teacher and the comment I got is : Ryan will cry for awhile when I left,after that he will back to his normal routine.
I really all this drama will over soon....no more crying and having happy mood going to school.
But one thing I found pretty strange.....Ryan told me not to fetch him up from school on time,he asked me to come bit late because he wanted to play toys at school (*slap forehead*).

For this coming half semester, Ryan is having a homework everyday from school. He really need to study harder to get the best result.