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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My 25 months old milestone

It has been long long time I never update on Ryan's development. Times flies so fast....I still remember well 2 years ago, I was holding Ryan in my arm, now he can walk and run everywhere he wants.

Ryan has reached 25 months old ++ now. He has achieved alot of things month by month.

Height: about 90cm (measured lastweek)

Weight: 13.5kgs (measured 2weeks ago @Dr.Law's clinic -
took Chicken Pox Jab)

Speech Development
He can speak alot of new words (single words only).Most of the words are in English mixed with bit Mandarin n Hokkien.
  • Able to tell the name of different kind of animals : bird (bid bid), elephant (make a sound like Barney's song-The elephant),tiger(ger ger),bear(can say accurately),monkey(key key),panda (da da),rabbit (bit bit), butterfly ( bu fly bu fly - try to make a sound like Barney's song-Butterfly Butterfly Happy all Day),fish ( yu yu - in Mandarin),snake (nak nak),bee (can say accurately),cat (meow meow), dog (can say accurately),cow (moo moo), sheep (sip sip), horse (will make a sound like horse is running - duk duk duk).
  • Able to say some baby languages : gai gai (want go jalan-jalan), mam mam (want to eat), susu (want his milk), chi chi (want to pee), ek ek (want to poo poo), pei pei (want to cover blanket)
  • Can call Akong, Ah Mah, Ciu Ciu, Mu Mu (supposed to call Ciu Mu), Ii, Thio thio (supposed to call I Thio), Jie Jie, Ko ko, Mei Mei, Di Di,kakak, bang (Abang - in Bahasa Indonesia).
  • Can understand most of the conversation with mommy, daddy and other family members.
  • Can say : hat, chair, sit, khu khu(pant),hua hua(flower), e e (shoes - in Hokkien), etc...
  • Know where is his nose,ear,mouth,eyes,teeth,hand, finger,leg,hand,hair.
  • Can say no no no (McDonald) and si si si (KFC) and Pisa (PizzaHut).
Physical Development
1. Able to climb up and down stairs by himself.
2. Able to climb up and down chair by himself.
3. Sometimes he can pull down his pant when want to pee or poo or change his clothes by his own.
4. Like to jumping & cycling around at home.

Sleeping habits
Still nap 1x in the afternoon around 2-3pm, can sleep for about 2 hrs (sometimes can sleep till 3 hrs - I noticed Ryan can sleep longer with mommy or daddy at his side)

At night, will sleep around 10.30 - 11.30pm, sleep till the next morning 8.30-9.30am.

Eating habits
1. Like to eat vegetables(ie.cucumber, green vege,etc),any kind of titbits,biscuits.
2. Like to use hand touch the food.
3. Like to eat Mcdonald and KFC ... everyday he will say no no no (for Mcd) and si si si ( for KFC).
4. Like to eat grapes,oranges,apple,papaya,etc...