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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Home-Cooked Fried BeeHoon

I also facing big problem..what to cook for Ryan tomorrow?? I always think one day in advance for Ryan's meal. Since Ryan does not really like Kue Tiau and so long he never eat BeeHoon, I decided to cook fried BeeHoon for him 3 days ago for his lunch. I did not add lot of ingredients,just bit of sayur sawi + tomatoes (his favo food) + egg.It looks delicious and Ryan kept call "mee mee mee',he could not wait to eat this fried BeeHoon.

Home-Cooked Kampua Mee

I guess you all will be curious what is 'Kampua Mee' ?
Sibu(my hubby's hometown - place where I am staying now) is famous of Kampua Mee(Foochow Specialty).You can simply find it available at every coffeeshop along the street.If you ever been to Kuching, you may notice that people there is selling 'Kolo Mee. Kolo Mee and Kampua Mee are similar in a lot of ways but both have their unique taste that differentiate themselves from each other. For those who does not have enough tastebuds, they will say both taste the same.

Once a week, I will buy Kampua Mee from wet market and cook it myself for hubby,Ryan & I for breakfast.

Here is simple method cooking the noodle:

# Boil sufficient water in a pot to boil the noodle. Have a big container (bucket) filled with tap water (for dipping in the noodle later)
# Loosen the ball of noodle. When water comes to a boil (high flame), drop in the noodle. Use chopstick to loosen and stir the noodle for about a minute.
# Scoop out the noodle and drop it into the bucket of water to wash away any flour residue. Use chopstick to jiggle the noodle.
# Return the noodle to the boiling water to warm it up for a few seconds. Scoop out and shake off excess water.
# Put the noodle into the bowl of mixed sauce(light soya sos,Maggi Seasoning,fried shallots,pork lard/cooking oil) and toss well.If you like to eat black & spicy version Kampua Mee,then add bit of dark soya sos + chilly sos.
# Ready to eat.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Writing Board

Since Ryan loves to hold a pen and scribble on paper, at last I decided to buy him a writing board. It is pretty cheap RM5(made in China).Ryan still can't hold the pen correctly and he refused me holding his hand too. Very stubborn!! He wants to do it by himself. He likes to ask me draw a "MOON" on the board. You might be curious 'why is a moon??'...the reason is that Ryan always join me outside the car pouch while I am drying up clothes at night time. He sees alot of stars and sometimes there is a moon in the sky. Sometimes he will even ask me squat there and see the stars and moon together with him. When he saw the stars, he will think of the song'twinkle twinkle little star', then he will start sing this song.

Caught in a Washing Net

Ryan is very playful. When he saw something new lying in the living room...he will go grab it and play with it. So one day, he saw me put the washing net at staircase area, he faster grab it and play with it. He open up the zip and then put the washing net on his head and played peek-a-boo with me. He also walked around the living room with washing net covered his face. Such a playful boy!!

What 's the THINGS on top of my head??

Sorry for being absence for past few weeks. I have not been updating my blog due to my Streamyx line was down. Since last GOOD FRIDAY, the internet line was down for few days, then after complaining, then the service was up again.But in next few days, the bug seem came back again. Getting flared up , I make a complain call to Telekom.A rebate will be given due to poor services.

Let's get back to the topic that I m goin to post up here.

I was opening the envelopes for some letter, he came across this red envelope,then he tear here n there abit and put on top of his head and came showing it to me "Mummy Mummy Hat Hat". Oh....my little boy is creating a new hat for himself using the red envelope.Then I told him, Mummy snapped some pics of you...stay tuned,Ok. Then Ryan replied " Ok Ok". Managed to snap few pics of Ryan wearing red envelope hat.

After a while, he saw white plastic (wrapped the CoSway booklet) lying on the coffee table. He then make a bigger hole on it and put it on top of his head. Again he showed it to me. Not to miss the chance, I faster grabbed my camera to snap some of his funny actions.

Do you think they look like a Hat and Shower Cap???

Monday, April 13, 2009

At last I 'm BACK ***

I was unable to online,surf net,check emails,update blog for the past few days(let 's me recall back when my internet was down) since 9 April '09. I remembered well that day Hubby did not bring his laptop to shop,so I was enjoying surfing net and msn chat with my frens..out of sudden , the network was cut down.First I thought is my laptop issue, maybe laptop fall sicks again. I restart the whole process so many times,...still the same, no result at all.At last , I got the confirmation that the internet network was down at my housing area(dunno caused by wat).
Both me n hubby feel so handicapped coz we get used to surfing net when we are free.Now we can't do anything except watching TV,playing with Ryan(that's our routine),bring Ryan go jalan-jalan,etc.

At last, tonight the internet network is 'Up'....horray, at last I can check up my emails ,surfing net,reading my fren's blog,updating my blog and bla bla bla.

***My NIGHT OWL hours is Coming Back***

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fried (Air dried) Noodle

I was doing my groceries the other day and when I was passing thru racks put any kind of noodles,my eyes catched up this Air-Dried Noodle. Never eat before..let's get a pack & try it out. I ever cooked it with a soup,taste not bad. I decided to fry this air-dried noodle for Ryan as his lunch yesterday.
Added some sayur sawi + sliced carrots + egg fried together with the noodles.Ryan could not wait while he saw me fried noodle in the kitchen. He kept say : mee mee mee.I told him.....'Wait ,Ryan. Mommy is cooking halfway,very fast can eat the mee'.

What I guess is true,Ryan is a Mee-lover. He can finish up the noodle easily,no soup for his lunch yesterday.Of course, I also eat together with him...so both Mummy & Ryan was eating fried Air-Dried Noodle yesterday.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Diaperless during nap time

Today is marked as the 3rd day Ryan is diaperless during nap time.I have trained Ryan to wash his both hands and leg before his nap,so this time his routine adds 1 more work :pee before nap.Everything is done well, no pee on mattress during his nap. Once he wake up frm his nap, straightly get his potty to pee.(of course, it is alot after tahan for 2 hrs).Ryan likes to drink water,everyday before his nap, he will drink 1 bottle of water,sometimes even request for more.I am glad that he likes to drink water esp weather is so hot.
I really hope Ryan will be success being out from diaper during nap time.Once the nap time is DONE, then I will plan for the next target,diaperless during night time(maybe still long way to go).

Apple+Corn porridge

I read from some blogger's mummies blog that they are using apple to cook porridge,so let's me give a try to Ryan. This morning I cooked apple+corn+chicken meat porridge for Ryan. I have some leftover corn in the fridge,put some into the porridge to add the sweetness. The porridge looks delicious and now wait for Ryan to try it out. Hope he will like it.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Barney & Friends

Ryan has been fancied of Barney & Friends stuffs.No day without Barney show. Now he has Barney,BJ, Baby Bop soft toys (present from MIL).Yesterday morning, after taking his shower, we went to the living room and ON Barney VCD for him.Then he took his Barney & friends toys sit at sofa. I faster grab my camera and arrange the toys sitting nicely at sofa with Ryan.Not easy to snap his picture, Ryan kept moving.After a while he make noise, asked me put Barney hand puppet (bought 2 yrs ago - present from his daddy) on top of his head and snap his picture. Not to miss the chance, I followed his instruction.He was so happy .... Let's take a look at the slideshow ***

Dessert of the Day - Cheng Teng

At last I managed to find some time to cook Cheng Teng dessert. After preparing breakfast for hubby + myself,I faster get ready all the ingredients needed for this dessert. I got the recipe from my SIL (she cooked this dessert for me last Dec'08).

Ingredients :
-white fungus (soaked in water before cook)- agak agak the portion
-8 red dates (dun add too many red dates as the water will become very brownish)
-8 dried longan
-some rock sugar
-some gula kundur (white in colour, cut into small pcs)
-a pot of water

Method :
1. Boil a pot of water, add in red dates,dried longan,rock sugar,gula kundur.
2. Cut the white fungus into small pcs and put into the pot.
3. I am using small size slow cooker to cook the Cheng Teng Dessert. You can add the amount of the ingredients according to your preference.

Cheng Teng can be served in hot and cold.It is an Asian dessert that is popular in Malaysia and Singapore. It means ‘cooling soup’ in Chinese.

Beehoon with corn soup

Backdated post : 2 April 2009
Ryan likes to eat corn,it comes to my mind using corn soup cooked with beehoon for his lunch 3 days ago.Since Ryan has been eating meesuah most the time,so I let him eat beehoon(not first time eat beehoon).
I use chicken stock for the soup base,added some corns(canned corn) + fishball + Beehoon.Yummy~~~~ the soup has a great sweet taste and Ryan like to eat the corn..he will kept say :corn corn corn, but I noticed Ryan don't really like to eat beehoon. He still prefer mee than beehoon.

New Snack - London SwissRoll

I bought a pack of London swiss roll Blueberry for Ryan lastweek for RM4.90,original price is RM5.90.It is first time Ryan eat this swiss roll and to my suprise he likes it alot..he can easily eat 2-3pcs at one go.Every day he will eat this swiss roll (which Ryan calls it as kek kek/cake).So within 1 week, everything is gone.Now it is time to stock up some snacks for Ryan.Frankly speaking, I seldom give Ryan eat biskit(too heaty),I still prefer to give him some cake for his tea time with barley water or Ribena.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

My 26 months old

Sorry for being absence for the past 1 week...juz getting lazy to update my blog. Actually have lot in mind, but my body really need a rest after taking care of Ryan 24/7. Okie *** let's go back to the topic. 1 April'09 is marked as Ryan's 26 mths old.My boy has grown up to be toddler ... alot of new things happened around him and he is catching up with the surroudings.

Weight + Height : never measured,but Ryan is getting taller & taller.

Eating pattern :
- Still like any kind of vegetables (esp.long bean - tonite he juz finished up whole bowl of long bean by himself.
- Show no interest on banana (whole bunch of bananas hang in the kitchen,he never ask for it at all.But when he sees other fruits like apple,plum,pear ... he will ask for it.
- Like to eat fast food (mcd n kfc). I have been making own burger for Ryan with egg+cheese+burger meat+tomato sos.
- Like to eat cake (not all kind of cake), ice cream, barley water(no sugar added),green bean(with sugar added), titbits.
- Like to drink RIBENA lately. Ryan will say ' gape gape gape',then run to the kitchen,the place where the ribena was put.
- Like to eat kaya roti, no kaya applied,sure will cry.

New Speech development :
- can recognize different kind of animals and able to tell its names.
ie : dog, cat, sheep (Ryan will sing bla bla back sip when he sees a sheep),cow( Ryan will say moo moo),monkey (called as key key),snail(nail nail),butterfly,elephant (be be be)and etc.
- can sing a little bit of Barney songs(not clearly yet) : bla bla back sip, twinkle twinkle little star, the elephant the elephant.

Other development/changes:
- I noticed Ryan is more demanding and stubborn nowadays. He will make a fuss if not being given what he wants.
- Difficult to call him for shower and nap...juz like to play n play. Sometimes when ask him go shower, he will say 'sit sit sit' , it means ask me sit at sofa n watch TV. Pengsan ***
- Can eat nonstop. Good apetite.
- Can understand every single words that mummy/daddy instructed him to do.(conversation is mostly in Mandarin + English).
- Have a good memory. Ryan can remember what he play with before he went for his nap and once wakup, he will ask for the same toys again.
- Like to talk on phone...Ryan will say : alo alo alo....then dunno what he is nagging on the phone,I can't understand his baby languages.
- Crazy of cars...no day without playing with his cars.Some of his cars even brought back from Medan coz he really like it.Even sleeping time, sometimes must bring his cars to the bedroom and put at his bedside.
- Stil demand to put on pamper during nap time (Ryan will say : pe pe pe for pamper)...Any idea how to get rid of diaper during nap time??? Plz Help Help...!!!

- Still remain on his old habit...always will cry while having a hair cut.No way to pujuk him at all.
- Like to put on a hat,even at home sometimes also want to put on a hat.
- Never wear pamper during outing (jalan-jalan at town). Of course, mummy got standby a small bottle in the car in case Ryan have the urge to pee in the journey.
- Can recognize and can say Pooh(as poo poo), Mickey( as e key), Garfield (as cat), Tweety bird (as bird).

Happy 26 months old to My boy Ryan !!