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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Monday, June 30, 2008

My first trip to Bukit Aup

Yesterday hubby and I decided to bring Ryan to Bukit Aup. It is his 1st time being there to see fishes. He is so happy see so many fishes swim here and there. We been there for about half an hour as sky is getting dark and seem going to rain. Not to forget, I snapped some pics as a memory *0*

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Where is my HP???

Yesterday morning, Ryan woke up around 9am, then we will play around in the bedroom for a while before feeding him morning breakfast(porridge).I put my hp at bottom of my pillow (on top of my bed). As usual, Ryan likes to climb to my bed since he knows how to walk.Juz dunno why he loves to play with mommy's & daddy's pillow.No choice, I have to get him 1 adult pillow to him at night.(his own pillow just put aside)

After finish tidy up the bed, I went out to sweep the floor while Ryan was busy playing on my bed and he found my hp there. He likes to play with my hp (like to ON the song that I download @ my hp - he loves to listen to linkinpark's song). When I was about to carry him go downstair, Oh.....i realised I can't find my hp @ my pillow there. Then I asked Ryan where is my hp,he also looked around & tried to recall back where he put my HP. Then he climbed up to my bed and pointed my bed. "OMG".....don't tell me he dropped my hp at the back of my bed frame??? I used my house phn to call to my own hp & it is confirm that my hp was at the back of my bed frame. I have to carry the mattress down & push my bed frame out in order to pick up my hp. There is scratches here and there(ooooo.......my heart is pain).I told myself not to put my hp at the lower place as Ryan has been able to grab things around him.
*** A new lesson for me again.....***

Monday, June 23, 2008

Fisher Price Height Chart

This afternoon, I received a letter from Fisher Price...ehm, juz wondering what will that be coz I don't think request anything from them before. Frankly speaking, I totally forget that I have requested the Height Chart until I received it today.
So happy that at last I got the chart after been waiting for so long...i guess more than 3 months.I saw their advertisement at Mom&Baby Magazine,then I emailed them.But after that no respond at all and I thought I won't receive the chart anymore n juz forget about it.

For enquiry :
1. call hotline : 03-33419052/02-62350667
2. fax : 603-33419053
3. email : fprequests@directavenue.net

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

^^Drypers Gift^^

This afternoon, I received a big parcel from courier service. It is a complimentary gift from Drypers as my comments has been selected as one of the Star Letter for April-Jun'08 issue of Drypers Consumers' Voice.

Content of the parcel : Drypers Wee Wee XL 20pcs x 2bags + 1 colouring book.

Apart from that, I also received the Drypers Consumers' Voice (Apr - Jun'08 issue) from Mr.Postman...and I saw my comments was published there. Juz wanna share my happiness with all my buddies here *-*

Drypers Toll Free : 1800 889988 (weekday : 9am-5pm)
Email : consumer.care@scahygiene.com.my

Friday, June 13, 2008

Call from Drypers

This afternoon, I received a call from Drypers (SCA company) telling me that my comments was selected to be published at Consumers'Voice list for the coming edition. I am so happy to hear it and Drypers is giving me some diapers as a complimentary gifts. They will courier it to me within 2 weeks time...Looking forward to my diaper gifts *-*

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Busy ..... Busy .... Busy

After so long, at last I managed to capture a video of Ryan busy playing with Enfagrow box and his milk formula. He started open up the cabinet where I keep all his milk formula stock and all his new clothes. He took out Enfagrow box where I keep his OSHKOSH shoes inside.Then he took put back his shoes into the box and started to take his milk formula out too.I bought 5 tins of Enfagrow to keep stock.He took 2 tins of Enfagrow and 1 tin of Enfapro, then he wanted to put them into the box,but unluckily it is too small to put them in. So he decided to keep them back to the cabinet. He tried so hard to carry Enfagrow 1.8kgs into the cabinet, it is too heavy for him to carry. Therefore he only managed to keep Enfapro 400 gram into the cabinet.
I have been training Ryan to keep whatever stuffs that he has token from the cabinet.It is good to train him since he is young, so that he will have a habit to keep things back to the original place. And also always remind him not to mess up the cabinet (of course, he will still mess it up sometimes, but there is a time where he will close back the cabinet door once I tell him to do so - it is depend on his mood).

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

** Snap Snap @16 mths old ++ **

I have been trying to snap more Ryan's pics, but always get it blurr coz he is moving here n there while seeing me snap his pics. I juz can't get the good pic of him.So after trying my best, I managed to snap this 4 pics (16mths old ++)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Happy Dumpling Festival...

The chinese rice dumpling = Zhong Zi = bak chang

The story of 'duan wu' festival or dumpling festival is like that...

Once upon a time in the Chu kingdom there live a scholar-poet called Qu yuan. This man is very patriotic and he jumped into the Miluo river after the Chinese emperor refused to listen to his advice which resulted to the fall of the Chu kingdom.

So, Qu yuan friends and the people in Chu kingdom went to search for his body but they could not trace it. Then, in order to lure the fishes and demon away from Qu yuan body, they made dumplings and threw them into the river to protect the body.

Here is it !! Eat the dumpling and know the story. So that each time when other people asked we can answer them proudly that we chinese actually has a patriotic soul once upon a time.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

~~My 16 months Old +++~~

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Time flies *** Ryan is 16 months old+++ now. He has grown up to be an active boy.
* Started to call 'papa' and 'mama' everyday. Whenever he want something or need some helps, he will call either 'pa' or 'ma'. Noticed that he sticks to his daddy esp during night time. Become a manja boy and want daddy to accompany him sleep every night (ops....mommy has to be alone in the bed...hahaha).
* Muttered alot of words...its baby talks.(mommy n daddy can't understand wat he is trying to say).
* Started to eat rice during dinner, always join mommy n daddy during dinner time.
* Like to watch TV advs ,Doraemon n Barney show. Lucky daddy get Astro MAX that can record all the nice shows. So mommy has to repeat the show to Ryan everyday. So boring lol....but Ryan loves it alot.
* Can wave 'goodbye',shake hand,give me 5,clap hands,like to pretend hit mosquitoes (learn from his grandma),can hold his own milk bottle. will nod his head when he doesn't want something.
* Can climb stairs by himself (will make noise and want to climb up stairs when clock reach 10pm every night, it has been a habit for him).
* Like to dig out his story books ..after flip a few pages, then take another books again....headache, whole floor full of story books.
* Like to play with ball either big or small ball. All are his favourite.
* Like to bite pillow, bolster,etc....Oh...forget to add, mommy's hand always kena bite too....very very pain.hiks hiks**
* Like to sleep in FROG STYLE and can roll from one end to another end on his mattress.
* Love to eat : banana, papaya,apple. Recently, like to drink barley and green bean soup...

Mommy will update Ryan's development again on next mth .....will be continued ****