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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Friday, December 3, 2010

Ryan in action ***

Ryan has been playing with my glasses lately and to play safe, I better put my glasses at the safe place....It comes to my mind to buy him a sunglasses since he never has ONE at home.

Yesterday, I went to nearby store to look for it and I managed to find one for Ryan...super cheap one...only RM3. Anyway, no point to buy those expensive kid sunglasses for him....so I just get those cheap cheap one.....(oh..Mummy so stingy la).

Let's go back to the main point...after he has his lunch yesterday, I showed him the sunglasses and Ryan was super happy.....action here and there and I was laughing when I saw his cute actions.

Let's me show you how my notti boy put on his sunglasses......

Cute or not?......which picture you like most?....