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Friday, October 10, 2008

<< WeeKenD MeNu >>

Weekend is coming,it means another 2 days I need to go wet market to buy fresh vegetables for Ryan's meals.I am trying my best to create more new menu for Ryan and also introduce more new food to him.
I saw some Celery and Japanese Tofu left in the fridge. It strikes to my mind to mix both of them as a meal for Ryan 's meal tonight.Not to forget, I added some marinated chicken breast meat(with LeeKumKee Hoisin sos) + carrot into this dish.The taste of the dish is great....Hope Ryan will like it too.

Let's name this dish as "3 COMBINATIONS"
Why I say so????
The answer to this question is becoz this dish contain:
vegetable(celery+carrot) & meat+proteins(chicken breast meat+tofu)
Is it a nice name for this dish???

I have cooked Celery porridge(added minced pork-blended the pork with garlic + carrot) and Celery+Carrot soup(added chicken leg) for Ryan few days ago.Glad to inform that he like it.He can finish up his meal in 15-20mins time. GOOD BOY!!

Quoted from website :
"Celery contains essential, highly aromatic oil that lends its perfume and flavor to numerous dishes.They are fleshy, juicy as well as aromatic. They contain lots mineral salts and vitamins. With its crisp texture, celery is also a very popular appetizer as part of a vegetable platter or a salad topping. Celery gets its crispness due to the rigidity of its stalk combined with a high water content. Its high water content not only makes it exceptionally low in calories but it also reduces the nutrients found in celery."

My Today Menu :-
1. Breakfast - cucumber porridge (added minced pork),served with Bovril
2. Tea Break - barley water + bread with cheese (Chesdale Cheese is a new food for Ryan - 1st time trying)
3. Lunch - cucumber porridge (added minced pork),served with Bovril
4. Tea Break - Enfagrow milk formula
5. Dinner - "3 Combinations" + plain rice
6. Fruit - pear juice + papaya

Wish Ev3ryOn3 Happy W33k3nd !!!

Kring .... Kring ..... Kring ..... I am CominG

Grandma has bought me a bicycle in August'08, the 1st time I saw it, I am very happy & wanna to play with it. I never saw this thing before at home,Mommy put me on the bicyle and teach me how to cycle. I failed to cycle it .. both my legs kept touch the floor. After playing for a while, I gave up and I seldom touch the bicycle from that time onwards. Sometimes,I will only push the bicycle around in the living room, but I don't want to sit & cycle the bicycle(Ryan always nod his head & say 'mai mai'(means : don't want in Hokkien) when I carry him sit on the bicycle).

***Mommy & Grandma has a short conversation after see Ryan's reaction towards his new bicycle***
Mommy : funny la,...why Ryan does not like to cycle the bicycle?? Its his new toy,but he seem does not show any interest on it.
Grandma : just need to be patient,Ryan still not get used to this new toy.Sure one day Ryan will try to sit on it & wanna cycle the bicycle.
Mommy : I hope so...

Mommy just parked the bicycle in the living room together with stroller since August till now. Out of sudden, lastnight while Mommy,Daddy & Grandma were watching TV, I suddenly climb to the bicycle,sit on it and wanna try to move the bicycle. Of course, I only know to use my leg to move the bicycle. I still don't know how to cycle it.
We are all very suprised to see it,so Daddy faster go took Camera out and snapped few pictures...Ryan is so happy while taking photos, he smiles till can't see his eyes(become a line).
This afternoon, while I was on my way to the living room, I saw Ryan sit on the bicycle again and tried to move it. Although he just wanna sit a while,but it shows a good start. Hope Ryan will be able to cycle the bicycle soon.*-*