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Friday, October 31, 2008

Good Cooking Websites

While I was browsing through some cooking recipes, I came across this website which introduced different kind of porridge recipes. I found that it is a very useful guidelines for all mommies to cook the best porridge for their kids and families.

I would like to share this good website with all my blogger friends here.
Pls check out :

Enjoy Cooking !!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

New Dish - Lotus Root

Yesterday, I cooked Lotus Root soup for Ryan's dinner. This is the 3rd time I cook this soup for him and he likes it.
Lotus root is full of fiber and various vitamins and other nutrients. In Asia it’s believed to have various medicinal qualities, but in macro-nutrient terms it’s best to think of it as a starchy vegetable, like potato. Visually of course, it’s very appealing with all those little holes.A nice fresh one is a light orangey-brown. The older the root the browner and darker it is.

After peeling off the skins, I cut into thin slices, add some pork ribs,red dates and khi chee. Cooked for about 2 hours...the longer you cook, the softer the Lotus Root and the soup taste is yummier.
Here are another 2 recipes on how to cook lotus root for sharing :
1. served as a salad
2. stir fried with sesame +green onions.

**Happy Cooking**

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Dish - Brocoli

Brocoli is today menu for Ryan's dinner.Broccoli is very high in Vitamin C and is a great source of soluble fiber, it makes broccoli wonderful to add to baby food recipes.
I cooked the brocoli with Japanese tofu and add some sliced pork. First I cut the brocoli into small pieces,then soak in salt water to get rid of any dirty stuffs stucked inside the vege for about 1 hour (tips from my sis).Then I boiled the brocoli in hot water,so that they will become soft and can maintain the greenish look. It is best not to stir fried the brocoli very long after you have boiled it, coz its colour will become yellowish and does not looks fresh. Brocoli is Ryan's favo vegetable,normally I will cook it with porridge as well.

***Happy Tuesday ***

Monday, October 27, 2008

New Dish - Potato

Potatoes is one of Ryan's favo vegetable. The nutritional value of Potatoes is really not all that high. While potatoes have respectable amounts of Vitamin A and Vitamin C, as well as potassium, their starch component is high.
This time, I cooked the potatoes with chicken. I marinated the chicken with Hoisin + Osyter sauce for 1 hour before cooking them with potatoes. Added some garlics and gingers too.
The taste is just nice and Ryan likes this combination. Tonight,Ryan can finish up full bowl of rice with HOISIN CHICKEN POTATOES(cooked by me) + Steam Egg(cooked by MIL).

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Oh....Oh......Where am I ???

(1) & (2)
Every night, I will play around with this laundry basket .. push push push here & there, from living room to dining room and then back to the living room. I just feel happy playing with it. There is a night while both me & hubby were watching TV in the living room....Ryan came to us with the laundry basket and demanded his daddy to put him in to the laundry basket. Ok.....so he was in and followed us happily watching tv too. Not to miss the chance, I faster went upstair grab the camera and snapped few pictures of it as a memories.
Showed on pic (1) & (2)

After standing inside the laundry for about 5mins, Ryan started to make noises.....He seem getting bored already...wanna to come out. He tried to lift up his leg to climb out from the basket...of course, he could not do it.So Daddy helped to carry him out from the basket. Wouh....at last I'm released, a 'free man' , can run here and there in the living room.
Showed on pic(3)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Dish - EggPlant

I believe everybody see EggPlant before. This is Ryan's new dish for tonight. I have been wanting to let him try out this vege, but just worry he does not like it. Last weekend, I decided to buy some eggplants to let him try. But then another problem raised up...how to cook the eggplant? Normally my mum will cook with chilly,etc...in spicy style. But for Ryan, of course, I can't put any chillies.
I decided to add some carrots & marinated chicken breast meats to the eggplants...it smells nice and Ryan can sapu whole bowl of rice + eggplants finish during his dinner. I feel happy that my efforts did not wasted, Ryan like to eat eggplant.

As for his breakfast & lunch , I cooked cucumber porridge(with chicken meat) for today. He can finish up the whole bowl too.Good boy!!

Tomorrow is another new day....I will cook : corn porridge(breakfast+lunch),celery tofu(dinner).

*Happy Wednesday*

Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Day of Cauliflower

Can't see the cauliflower in above pic as I cut into very very small pieces.

Yesterday morning, I cooked Cauliflower porridge for Ryan as his breakfast + lunch.
For his dinner, I used cauliflower with Japanese Tofu' & 'tomatoes' & 'fishballs'. Actually, I wanna added some carrots, too bad my fridge is out of stock for carrot, therefore I replaced with tomatoes. Ryan like to eat tomatoes alot.
As usual, I used marinated chicken breast meat for the sweetness.In order for Ryan to chew the cauliflower easily, I cut them into small pieces.
No MSG on Ryan's food, just add bit of salt & mushroom seasonings powder.
I am so happy that Ryan can finish up his dinner in 15 mins time.....pretty fast for him.

I have thought for tomorrow menu :
meesuah soup(breakfast),king mee soup(lunch) & lotus root soup(dinner).

Another weekend for Ryan ... hope he will like to menu arrangement I have made for him.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

"Rose & Butterfly Awards"

*Butterfly Award*

*Rose Award*

Big Thanks to my blogger friends for sending me Rose & Butterfly Awards. So sorie that only now I have time to upload this awards to my blog.
ThankSS for remembering me...!!

AnyOne who view my blog are free to grab these Awards too !!
*-* *-*All my bloggers friends have a wonderful blogs *-* *-*

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Thank You Gift

BiG ThankSS to my MP Buddy Yee Ling for sending 'Thank you' gift for Ryan. Nice pressie...

Smart Words Set from MJ

I decided to grab 1 tin of Enfagrow just for the SMART WORDS SET, it's a new toy for Ryan.
Each pack contains : 1 smart word tray with 4 letters cubes, 1 Smart Word Card and 12 pcs perforated picture cards.

Hope Mead Johnson will have some free gifts for their consumers.

Prize from Maggi Contest

Wouhh..... received a letter from Nestle that Daddy won the 'Peraduan Maggi Sambutan Gawai' contest. Although it is now a big prize, but we feel happy that we can win something from the contest,it shows that we have the LUCK too. That's my efforts for sending as many entries as possible during the GAWAI festivals(fall on 1st JUN).

At first, daddy received a call from Maggi that he was selected to be among the 30 lucky contestants to answer 10 questionaires thru the phone. However, daddy couldn't answer all the questions.(can only answer 8 out of 10 Q).Not bad..have try his best!Since daddy can't answer all Q, so it means we have lost the chance for the 1st prize. We were aiming for 2nd(TV) & 3rd prize(fridge) & consolations prize(CASH RM250).

*****......***** prize that hubby won is CASH RM250.Due to name error printed on the cheque, the Maggi agent will bank in the cash direct to my hubby's bank a/c.

THANKS to MAGGI... Hope will have another Contest again for next year GAWAI Festival!!

Poko Jang Toys

Goatsy & Monkey

This afternoon, I received 2 big parcels from POS LAJU. Oh Oh Oh....that's my POKO JANG TOYS that I redeemed from Mamypoko during their pokojang campaign. Actually I redeemed for 3 pokojangs,but currently Mamypoko only send me 2 first as the 3rd one will reach me don't when coz Mamypoko is getting another design for the manufacturer. Don't worry I will wait patiently.

I would like to say 'thank you' to my SIL and my cousin for sending me the MP barcodes. That's how I can redeem for 3 pcs of POKOJANG TOYS.

New Dish - Silk Squash

I guess all mommies did see this vegetable before in the wet market....it is called SILK SQUASH.silk squash is also called Chinese okra and angled luffa. Only immature silk squash are eaten, as older silk squash have a bitter taste. Silk squash can be stuffed with pork and steamed. However, it is more commonly stir-fried or deep-fried.
When buying Chinese okra, look for young ones that are firm and have an unblemished skin. Despite the sharp ridges, Chinese okra does not need to be peeled before using.

This is Ryan' new dishes for his yesterday dinner.I just do a stir-fried, add some sliced garlic and pork with some seasonings. It tastes sweet and yummy.

My Weekend (12 Oct'08)

Last weekend, Ryan is due for next immunization (DTP/HIB/POLIO-Booster).The day before I am so worried that Ryan will make noise and cry when visit Dr.Law. He just seem phobia when see doctor.He knows something is gonna happen when he goes into the clinic.

As usual, Ryan woke up around 9.30am..then having his breakfast,bath and we headed to the clinic around 11.30am. Daddy said don't go too early as always very crowded and have to wait long long during weekend. Dr.Law closed at 12pm on Sunday. We reached there on time..just wait for 3 mins, it was Ryan's turn. He refused to go in to the clinic. His daddy hug him in and he did not want to be weigh as well. No choice, straight go for injection. He cried for a while only and daddy hug him while I was talking to Dr.Law. Ryan's eyes (side of his eyes) always look redness..he just like to rub & rub his eyes especially in the morning. According to Dr.Law, it might be due to his sensitive nose that led to the itchiness of his eyes. That's why he like to rub his eyes. OMG..... need medication for it. It means Ryan has to consume medicine again. Daddy has to spend RM 140 for the total bill include 1 syrup for fever(in case),1 syrup for Allergy and 1 nasal spray(need to use up whole bottle).

Then we headed to the fish shop.Ryan like to see fishes. He just walk here and there and waved to the fish....he asked the fish to come come come.

Ryan's casual shoes is getting smaller.I can see his toes are coming out, so I decided to get him a new sandal from SOS priced RM25.90. Ryan seem did not like the new sandal. He still prefer the old 1. So I have to keep the old sandal, let him put on the new sandal to make himself comfortable with it.

Before going back home, Ryan play with coin aeroplane (RM1) at Sing Kwong. He only like to sit on the aeroplane, the rest...he showed no interest.What a picky boy !!

Backdated : 12 Oct 2008

Friday, October 10, 2008

<< WeeKenD MeNu >>

Weekend is coming,it means another 2 days I need to go wet market to buy fresh vegetables for Ryan's meals.I am trying my best to create more new menu for Ryan and also introduce more new food to him.
I saw some Celery and Japanese Tofu left in the fridge. It strikes to my mind to mix both of them as a meal for Ryan 's meal tonight.Not to forget, I added some marinated chicken breast meat(with LeeKumKee Hoisin sos) + carrot into this dish.The taste of the dish is great....Hope Ryan will like it too.

Let's name this dish as "3 COMBINATIONS"
Why I say so????
The answer to this question is becoz this dish contain:
vegetable(celery+carrot) & meat+proteins(chicken breast meat+tofu)
Is it a nice name for this dish???

I have cooked Celery porridge(added minced pork-blended the pork with garlic + carrot) and Celery+Carrot soup(added chicken leg) for Ryan few days ago.Glad to inform that he like it.He can finish up his meal in 15-20mins time. GOOD BOY!!

Quoted from website :
"Celery contains essential, highly aromatic oil that lends its perfume and flavor to numerous dishes.They are fleshy, juicy as well as aromatic. They contain lots mineral salts and vitamins. With its crisp texture, celery is also a very popular appetizer as part of a vegetable platter or a salad topping. Celery gets its crispness due to the rigidity of its stalk combined with a high water content. Its high water content not only makes it exceptionally low in calories but it also reduces the nutrients found in celery."

My Today Menu :-
1. Breakfast - cucumber porridge (added minced pork),served with Bovril
2. Tea Break - barley water + bread with cheese (Chesdale Cheese is a new food for Ryan - 1st time trying)
3. Lunch - cucumber porridge (added minced pork),served with Bovril
4. Tea Break - Enfagrow milk formula
5. Dinner - "3 Combinations" + plain rice
6. Fruit - pear juice + papaya

Wish Ev3ryOn3 Happy W33k3nd !!!

Kring .... Kring ..... Kring ..... I am CominG

Grandma has bought me a bicycle in August'08, the 1st time I saw it, I am very happy & wanna to play with it. I never saw this thing before at home,Mommy put me on the bicyle and teach me how to cycle. I failed to cycle it .. both my legs kept touch the floor. After playing for a while, I gave up and I seldom touch the bicycle from that time onwards. Sometimes,I will only push the bicycle around in the living room, but I don't want to sit & cycle the bicycle(Ryan always nod his head & say 'mai mai'(means : don't want in Hokkien) when I carry him sit on the bicycle).

***Mommy & Grandma has a short conversation after see Ryan's reaction towards his new bicycle***
Mommy : funny la,...why Ryan does not like to cycle the bicycle?? Its his new toy,but he seem does not show any interest on it.
Grandma : just need to be patient,Ryan still not get used to this new toy.Sure one day Ryan will try to sit on it & wanna cycle the bicycle.
Mommy : I hope so...

Mommy just parked the bicycle in the living room together with stroller since August till now. Out of sudden, lastnight while Mommy,Daddy & Grandma were watching TV, I suddenly climb to the bicycle,sit on it and wanna try to move the bicycle. Of course, I only know to use my leg to move the bicycle. I still don't know how to cycle it.
We are all very suprised to see it,so Daddy faster go took Camera out and snapped few pictures...Ryan is so happy while taking photos, he smiles till can't see his eyes(become a line).
This afternoon, while I was on my way to the living room, I saw Ryan sit on the bicycle again and tried to move it. Although he just wanna sit a while,but it shows a good start. Hope Ryan will be able to cycle the bicycle soon.*-*

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

New Menu of the Day

This morning, I woke up at 6am as usual to prepare breakfast for hubby and also prepare Ryan's meal for breakfast & lunch. I saw some french beans (bought last 2 days) and other vegetables. It strikes my mind to try out new vegetable for Ryan today. So I took out french beans and sliced into small pieces. Therefore, menu for today is FRENCH BEANS PORRIDGE.
I added some marinated chicken breast meat for the sweetness,sliced ginger and mushroom powder.
The porridge turns out to be yummy.The marinated chicken breast meat definitely enhanced the sweetness of the porridge.
*I will create more n more new recipes for Ryan to try out in future*

Drypers Milestone - 7

This afternoon,Mr.Postman ring the bell and have a letter for me. Oh....it is from SCA (drypers company). Ryan helped me to open up the envelope and the contents are : article about childcare tips (television - your babysitter?) + fun & games + milestone-7 folder.

Thanks lot to SCA for sending this useful information.

Toll Free : 1800 889988 (Mond-Frid : 9am-5pm)

Monday, October 6, 2008

MoMMy ...... or ..... DaDDy ???

Everybody said that I look like my Daddy especially my eyes part and my cheek part is look like my Mommy.*(when they meet me)*
Now.... I need help from all blogger mommies to comment on it.Thanks in advance !!
* Looking forward to your CoMMenTs *

Sunday, October 5, 2008

10 months VS 20 months

10 months old

20 months old
Times flies fast....now I am 20 months old boy. Mommy always said " Now, I am a big boy ".

My development in 20 months old :
1. Recently has spoken up a few new words : bear,bar(barney),Mah(grandma/Ah Ma).He will say out the words if he is in good mood.
2. Getting active..wanna know alot of things esp if take Handphone, he will faster go see what we are typing/doing with the handphone.
3. Sleep late around 11pm and wake up around 9-10am the next morning.
4. Scare to go see Doctor.*(having a hard time going for immunization)*
5. Will give a serious look when see strangers, will give a smile look when see someone he has been familiar with.
6. Like to eat all kinda of food.Recently has introduced frog leg and pear juice. Ryan like it alot.
7. Weight - long time never weigh (guessed around 12 kgs ++).
Height - last month measured is 84cm.
8. Getting excited when mommy or daddy say go "gai gai", will faster go take shoes and wanna put it on.
9. Like to see Doraemon & Barney shows.
10. Like to kiss mommy & daddy.

Comparing the 1st and 2nd picture, do I look different now ???

Happy 20th months old....****_****

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Dinner Menu of the Day

My dinner menu for tonight is 'Frog Leg Soup'.It is a nutritious soup, I have been cooking this soup for Ryan for the past 2 weeks (at least once a week will serve it for Ryan).In order to make the soup looks more colourful, I added some tomatoes and it tastes great. Ryan can finish whole bowl of rice + frog leg soup in 20 mins.