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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Surprise Prize from ..........Dumex

Last week, I received a notice from one of the courier service company when I reached home around noontime, then I phoned them to re-sent the item to my shop the next day.
I was thinking,.....what is the thing I am going to receive (it is under my husband's name). As I did not expecting any gift or prize from any where at that point of time.
Never mind...just wait and see.....

So the next morning, the courier man sent the item to my shop and I was asked to sign a piece of delivery note (the item written in the note: Samsung Galaxy Tab)....while signing on that piece of note, I was thinking.......who sent this "thing" to my husband.
Later on, I asked my husband whether he ordered Galaxy Tab online, he said "NO"....both of us  were in puzzled,we opened up the parcel and I found delivery note written the company name (stationed in KL). So I quickly called up the company and asked them to help me check this item was actually sent by who. After the phone conversation, I read through the delivery note again and I found under the "description",it was stated : danone-std.
Danone....it sound familiar and my husband suggested to find any information online on this company. At last, I get some tips that Dumex is under Danone.

I remembered few months back I did joined Dumex Dugro Hari Raya contest, I submitted one entry for fun ( I got the barcode for the dumex milk formula from Ryan's classmate as he drank this milk formula ).....so I started to write a story according to the "tema" of that contest.
I went to my facebook and check on the winner list for Dumex contest........out of surprise, I saw my husband's name was THERE (under second prize winner).

Both me and my husband were so HaPPy....It is always my dream to own either Ipad or GalaxyTab and now I have it in hand without me spending a single cents.......Thanks lot Dumex for selecting my story as one of the winner.

It will be a perfect thing for my coming holiday trip ...we can play games or surf nets while waiting for our connecting flight back to my hometown.......can't wait for the coming school holiday.........:)