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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Singapore Mee Siam

Hubby was telling me that he was craving for Mee Siam the other day,so last weekend when I was out for grocery shopping, my eyes caught this Woh Hup Instant Mee Siam paste on the rack, faster grab a bottle and start to buy the ingredients needed.
I cooked the whole bottle of the mee siam paste for both of us,still have a little bit of leftover soup which I ate with Maggi mee the next day.

As for the ingredients of MeeSiam,I just make it simple : prawns & taupok & vermicelli.
Don't forget to add some lime juice into the soup before serving.
Both me and hubby really enjoyed our Mee Siam meal last weekend,of course, Ryan is having his home-cooked kampua Mee while his daddy and mummy were struggling with their spicy mee siam soup.Yummmy !!!

Another winning contest .....

It is a backdated post again,I almost forget to post it at my blog till tonight I was flipping through Parenthood Magazine Oct'09 edition and I saw Ryan's pic in there.
Yeah...Ryan win the 'happy holidays with Fiffy' picture contest.
Have received an email from Parenthood and will collect the gift in my Dec trip to KL.
So happy ... it is the second time Ryan pic was posted in Parenthood Magazine.

In addition, I also received an email from MUMCENTRE that Ryan won the PhotoBlog contest for the month of October.Not sure what is the prize for this time, will post it out once I have received the gift.