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Saturday, July 16, 2011

My saturday

Today, Ryan has a replacement class from 8-11am. Of course, when he knew that he has a class today, he feel unhappy because all the while every Saturday is his off-day. However, he did not make a fuss when I woke him up this morning.
However, I did feel that his forehead is slightly warmer than usual,but we are in rush & I did not manage to measure his body temperature.
His daddy fetched him back from school (for the very first time) and when I met Ryan, I quickly touched his forehead and Bingo...he has a fever. His forehead felt warm.
This afternoon , Ryan has no appetite to eat because his body felt warm. Quickly cleaned up his body and fed him fever medicine and within an hour,his fever has subsided. Then he complained "hungry".Let him have a slice of bread with cheese and tomato sauce and then has his nap. Till now, Ryan is still having his nap while I am updating this post.

Hope his fever won't come back again as tomorrow and next week onwards will be a busy day for me and his daddy as we are moving to our new house next Saturday.
Get well soon, Ryan!!