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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Thank You Gift

BiG ThankSS to my MP Buddy Yee Ling for sending 'Thank you' gift for Ryan. Nice pressie...

Smart Words Set from MJ

I decided to grab 1 tin of Enfagrow just for the SMART WORDS SET, it's a new toy for Ryan.
Each pack contains : 1 smart word tray with 4 letters cubes, 1 Smart Word Card and 12 pcs perforated picture cards.

Hope Mead Johnson will have some free gifts for their consumers.

Prize from Maggi Contest

Wouhh..... received a letter from Nestle that Daddy won the 'Peraduan Maggi Sambutan Gawai' contest. Although it is now a big prize, but we feel happy that we can win something from the contest,it shows that we have the LUCK too. That's my efforts for sending as many entries as possible during the GAWAI festivals(fall on 1st JUN).

At first, daddy received a call from Maggi that he was selected to be among the 30 lucky contestants to answer 10 questionaires thru the phone. However, daddy couldn't answer all the questions.(can only answer 8 out of 10 Q).Not bad..have try his best!Since daddy can't answer all Q, so it means we have lost the chance for the 1st prize. We were aiming for 2nd(TV) & 3rd prize(fridge) & consolations prize(CASH RM250).

*****......***** prize that hubby won is CASH RM250.Due to name error printed on the cheque, the Maggi agent will bank in the cash direct to my hubby's bank a/c.

THANKS to MAGGI... Hope will have another Contest again for next year GAWAI Festival!!

Poko Jang Toys

Goatsy & Monkey

This afternoon, I received 2 big parcels from POS LAJU. Oh Oh Oh....that's my POKO JANG TOYS that I redeemed from Mamypoko during their pokojang campaign. Actually I redeemed for 3 pokojangs,but currently Mamypoko only send me 2 first as the 3rd one will reach me don't when coz Mamypoko is getting another design for the manufacturer. Don't worry I will wait patiently.

I would like to say 'thank you' to my SIL and my cousin for sending me the MP barcodes. That's how I can redeem for 3 pcs of POKOJANG TOYS.

New Dish - Silk Squash

I guess all mommies did see this vegetable before in the wet market....it is called SILK SQUASH.silk squash is also called Chinese okra and angled luffa. Only immature silk squash are eaten, as older silk squash have a bitter taste. Silk squash can be stuffed with pork and steamed. However, it is more commonly stir-fried or deep-fried.
When buying Chinese okra, look for young ones that are firm and have an unblemished skin. Despite the sharp ridges, Chinese okra does not need to be peeled before using.

This is Ryan' new dishes for his yesterday dinner.I just do a stir-fried, add some sliced garlic and pork with some seasonings. It tastes sweet and yummy.

My Weekend (12 Oct'08)

Last weekend, Ryan is due for next immunization (DTP/HIB/POLIO-Booster).The day before I am so worried that Ryan will make noise and cry when visit Dr.Law. He just seem phobia when see doctor.He knows something is gonna happen when he goes into the clinic.

As usual, Ryan woke up around 9.30am..then having his breakfast,bath and we headed to the clinic around 11.30am. Daddy said don't go too early as always very crowded and have to wait long long during weekend. Dr.Law closed at 12pm on Sunday. We reached there on time..just wait for 3 mins, it was Ryan's turn. He refused to go in to the clinic. His daddy hug him in and he did not want to be weigh as well. No choice, straight go for injection. He cried for a while only and daddy hug him while I was talking to Dr.Law. Ryan's eyes (side of his eyes) always look redness..he just like to rub & rub his eyes especially in the morning. According to Dr.Law, it might be due to his sensitive nose that led to the itchiness of his eyes. That's why he like to rub his eyes. OMG..... need medication for it. It means Ryan has to consume medicine again. Daddy has to spend RM 140 for the total bill include 1 syrup for fever(in case),1 syrup for Allergy and 1 nasal spray(need to use up whole bottle).

Then we headed to the fish shop.Ryan like to see fishes. He just walk here and there and waved to the fish....he asked the fish to come come come.

Ryan's casual shoes is getting smaller.I can see his toes are coming out, so I decided to get him a new sandal from SOS priced RM25.90. Ryan seem did not like the new sandal. He still prefer the old 1. So I have to keep the old sandal, let him put on the new sandal to make himself comfortable with it.

Before going back home, Ryan play with coin aeroplane (RM1) at Sing Kwong. He only like to sit on the aeroplane, the rest...he showed no interest.What a picky boy !!

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