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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Saturday Outing

Tonight, Ryan is having an outing with his schoolmates & teacher at Sugar Bun to celebrate the winning from dancing competition that he joined last Saturday. Parents are not allowed to join the outing.
At first, I was hesitate to let Ryan join as he can't eat those fast food (french fries,fried chicken,etc)as his body gets heaty easily.My hubby suggested to let Ryan join the outing & let him have fun with his friends there as there is a playground at SugarBun.
After consideration, at last, I agreed to let Ryan join & we sent him to SugarBun around 6.30pm(we are definitely late & everyone started having their dinner-french fries, burger,fried chicken,soft drink). Ryan only have the burger bun (without the meat - as Ryan dislike eating meat),bit of french fries & small cup of soft drink.I left him with the teacher & friends and I was told to pick Ryan home at 8pm.
Then me & hubby sneaked to MacDonalds for our dinner as we have RM20 McD voucher in hand which are expiring in this coming Dec.Both of us are having Pounder Beef meal(taste yummy). Since I am having cough & flu, I did not eat too much french fries & soft drink.I would say, today is my first time having beef burger in my whole life,it definitely taste great with lots of ketchup.
Although just a short & rush dinner, we all enjoying alot.
After fetching Ryan from SugarBun, we went to GIANT hypermart for a walk & hubby spotted a new design of coke can, they have 4 different designs & he quickly grabbed 4 cans in hand.

That's how we spent our Saturday Night......Have a good rest!!