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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Prize & gift

After been waiting for 3 months,at last I received the Johnson & Johnson prize. I used my hubby's name to join this contest as they need a Msian IC. Get the votes everyday and at last I won the prize. Feel happy with my effort....although not a big prize,but it is worhty for my hardworks as both me and Ryan love using J & J product. The gift set comes with Top-Toe wash, baby lotion, baby oil,skincare wipes,baby powder & diaper rash cream.

Few days ago, I rec'd a parcel from SCA..I was wondering what is that....It is a gift from SCA. I was lucky to be among 1000 members to sign up to Drypers Happy Family club.
So what I received from SCA : Drypers baby wipes and drypers baby head to toe. Both products are yet been launched in the market.
If you wanna join the Drypers Happy Family club....give a call to 1800 889988 for. more details