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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Friday, December 5, 2008

Potty Training Progess

After being trained for almost 5 months, at last my efforts are paid off.

Pee Pee:
Ryan will tell me when he wants to pee. I have monitored for this whole month, he will always come to me/take the pot & pass it to me when he has the urge to pee pee. But this notty boy like to wait till last min, then will pee pee. Sometimes he will run & run in the living room while I am taking the pot for him to pee.You can imagine how notty he is. As Ryan drinks plenty of water,give him water using sippy cup every hourly, so he will pee very frequently. Not to forget about the barley water, he will drink 2 cups of barley water (without sugar) everyday. Ryan likes to drink barley water alot. Ryan will only stick to diaper during nap & night time & outings.

Poo Poo:
Recently I can see some development in poo poo training, Ryan will give me a sign that he is going to do his big biz. He will point at the pot and wanna sit there. However, there is a time he will bluff me too. He will take the pot,take off his pant & sit at the pot for 10 mins, but nothing is there. Pengsan ** another notty act!

Hope Ryan will be able to complete his potty training when he reaches his 2nd birthday in 2 months time!!