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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Ever came across this company called Clickbooth.com?...

Clickbooth.com is a performance based network that link both advertisers and publishers on a CPA basis. The most important is they are focusing on their quality of works in all aspects.
Under this company,they have CPC (cost per click) network which is an advertising tool used to get maximum exposure to certain a website by targetting the most efficient keywords and phrases.

The main advantage of this CPC campaign is to achieve an effective advertisement directed to the right person,therefore whenever there is a clik on your advertisement, you will get paid for it.By having this CPC network in the market, it helps to boost the quality traffic of publisher's website,therefore they will earn massive earnings and immediate exposure.

As for the advertiser part, CPC network definitely helps to target their products and services to right market at very low cost solution. Advertiser also will play main role to control over their oen campaign.

Another competitor in the market is Google Adwords. Some of you may be asking....what is google adwords do?..Simply definition on Google Adwords,it works pretty simple that you create and run ads for your business with just a nominal activation fee and you will only pay when people click on your ads.
How does it works?...You need to pick up some keywords that related to your products/services, and of course, you have option to choose how much you are willing to spend on each click on your ad.
How does Clickbooth Vs Google Adwords battled in this society ?

In the first place, Clickbooth looks more outstanding because of its partnership from CNN.com,ESPN.com plus the gate of MSNBC.com. Clickbooth will definitely provide the best content sites and also best marketers to help grow their business.
With its good quality and efficiency in selling and buying of online advertising,clickbooth will lead the market successfully.

For those interested become an affiliate, Please check out the clickbooth website for further information and sign up with them as either advertiser or publisher.