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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Beads' time...

Saturday is always a relaxing day for me and Ryan,it is because no school for Ryan .We just spent our quality time together at home.Actually I planned to bake cheddar cheese butter cake,but after finishing do my house chores, I felt lazy so instead I took out Beads set that I bought for Ryan last week, This bead set is a complimentary for Ryan getting good result for his 1st school exam (Ryan get 1st rank for his 1st K1 exam).
It is our first time playing around with the Beads.It is fun but time consuming and my eyes easily got tired seeing those small beads and fixed them into the small hole. After fixing 3 pictures (teddy bears,car and dog), I ironed them and let them cool while we have out short nap.
Too bad the beads are too little and we only managed to create 5 shapes...Just wondering where can I buy those beads? Any idea?

Here is Ryan with his new pressie...beads set

And there is the results of our hardworks for today...