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Thursday, November 6, 2008

NTV-7 Programme

I am a full - time mom ... so most of my time is at home taking care Ryan 24/7, it is a kinda of tiring and challenging job. Why do I say so??? As Ryan grows up, he is getting more active and wanna know alot of things happened around him. Everything that I did, he will see and then followed me here and there. He just stick to me like Super Glue. OMG ...... I can only have my breath when he is having his nap in the afternoon. I have to faster cook his dinner (will reheat again during dinner time), iron clothes, take a rest and doing my own stuffs like surfing net,watching TV,etc.
This is a life of SAHM (stay at home Mother). It does not mean that I am complaining about my life. I really enjoying my precious moments with Ryan all the time. I can play with him, read story book, watch TV together, etc....The best is to see Ryan smiles & laughs happily and grows healthier everyday. My tiredness is gone & his smile will brighten up my DAY.

Let's back to the topic that I am going to recommend to my blogger friends. I came across this programme called "My Smart Healthy Baby" from NTV7 3 weeks ago when I was surfing the TV channel. This programme is sponsored by Mead Johnson. So far, I only managed to watch 2 episodes. I have missed out some of it. I found that this programme is very useful to all mommies. It teach us how to cook best nutrition meal for our kids, how to taking care our kids and other useful tips from child's expert.

We can also watch it online from NTV7 website,provided we have registered as a member.Kindly log in to http://www.ntv7.com.my/Home.aspx for registration.

Catch up this programme @NTV-7 every Sat 2-2.30pm.
Let's check it out ://www.ntv7.com.my/Shows/Watch-Episodes.aspx?param=c9tJdC413vyzGaqGGcqUlSl9ix%2fMKp7%2bjeqbQsjC4yIYKu5cS91L4JqzbfPcVE8Kp6pjA8WJqiI%3dthis link :