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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Prize & gift

After been waiting for 3 months,at last I received the Johnson & Johnson prize. I used my hubby's name to join this contest as they need a Msian IC. Get the votes everyday and at last I won the prize. Feel happy with my effort....although not a big prize,but it is worhty for my hardworks as both me and Ryan love using J & J product. The gift set comes with Top-Toe wash, baby lotion, baby oil,skincare wipes,baby powder & diaper rash cream.

Few days ago, I rec'd a parcel from SCA..I was wondering what is that....It is a gift from SCA. I was lucky to be among 1000 members to sign up to Drypers Happy Family club.
So what I received from SCA : Drypers baby wipes and drypers baby head to toe. Both products are yet been launched in the market.
If you wanna join the Drypers Happy Family club....give a call to 1800 889988 for. more details

Friday, October 28, 2011

Looks good

Thanks for all the kind concern from Mummy's bloggers..Ryan is doing well now. I would say that he is recovering well ,however, still under medication as the doctor advised me to let Ryan finish up all the medicines.
The only problem I encounter now is to stop Ryan having biscuit at school. I have reminded him not to eat biscuit anymore since I always prepared tea snack for him everyday,but to my dissapointed, he still took some biscuits of from the biscuit box at school. My very concern is Ryan gets heaty easily and biscuit is not the right snack for him.
Yesterday I was very angry with Ryan as I got to know he ate biscuit again at school. As for the punishment, I did not let him watch his favo "ultraman" show for a week.
Am I too fierce to Ryan?....I guess, No.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Skin Allergy

This morning, while preparing Ryan for school, I noticed his leg has some red patches and when I took off his clothes, his body did have some too...Oh, what happen to him? Then I recalled he told me that his leg was bitten by mosquito,swollen big.....actually not mosquito bites,but it was the red patches. At last, I decided to let Ryan rest at home.
At first, I thought is "Hong Mok" (in hokkien ~ sorry, I did not know how to call in English or Mandarin). So I quickly warm up some white wine and applied on red patches and hope they will went off in few hours later. But it did not happened. Till his nap time, the red patches still there and around 4pm, Ryan woke up from his nap and his face started to get red too.
Tonight, we have a quick dinner and I quickly brought Ryan to Dr.Law, Unfortunately, it was closed and will only open on this Friday. Hubby drove to another child specialist centre and lucky Dr.Herman was in. It was also Ryan's first visit to this doc. After waiting for half an hour,we met the doct and Ryan 's throat bit red and have skin allergy. Got 4 medicine back home and paid Rm62.
Really hope Ryan will recover soon as he will be having his final year exam next Tuesday....

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I did mentioned in my previous's post that Ryan was having trial exam last week and yesterday the teacher have given back all the exam paper. I was quite suprised that Ryan scored good for this exam. He managed to obtain full marks for 4 subjects(BC, BI, BM and Maths) except Moral he scored 97.Not bad :)
Overall, I feel happy with his exam result and hope Ryan can maintain the same result for his coming final exam in the next 2 weeks(very soon....)
I do not give pressure to Ryan,but everyday I will give him some practices to do just to make him remember the vocabs.
Ryan, keep up your good work!!.....a new bicycle is on the way if he manage to get 1st place in his class(MIL promised to buy Ryan a new bicycle).

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mini Zoo

This morning, Ryan was having an outing with his teacher and friends. They were going to Mini Zoo at Sibu.( I myself not sure where is the exact location of the zoo). I was informed by the teacher to reach the school at 7.30am. This morning, hubby woke Ryan up earlier than usual as I wanted him to have his light breakfast before going off to the zoo.
Ryan was getting excited about this zoo trip and he could not wait to reach school very soon. I left Ryan with his teacher and came back to fetch him at 10am.
While I driving back home, I asked Ryan about his zoo's trip. He told me ,it was quite hot and I can see his shoes and leg were dirty(muddy).
I also asked him what animal he saw in the zoo....Nothing much to see at the zoo except duck,chicken,dog,owl,parrot,goat ( as per what Ryan said). Maybe I should asked the teacher whether she got snapped any picture during the trip.
However, I can see that Ryan was quite happy to join this trip.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Little update on Ryan

TOday, Ryan is starting to have trial exam for 3 days till this Friday. There are 5 subjects to be tested and hope Ryan can score good marks for this time.
The best moment he is waiting for is this Saturday his school is organising tour to mini zoo @Sibu. Frankly speaking, I do not know the place (even my hubby also don't know where is that zoo).
At first, I was hesitate to let Ryan go,but since he likes to see animals,....so I allow him to join the tour. It is only for 2 hours started from 8-10am.

Ryan will be having his final year exam on 1-3 Nov 2011...very soon and I am getting nervous on that Big Day....

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Saturday Outing

Tonight, Ryan is having an outing with his schoolmates & teacher at Sugar Bun to celebrate the winning from dancing competition that he joined last Saturday. Parents are not allowed to join the outing.
At first, I was hesitate to let Ryan join as he can't eat those fast food (french fries,fried chicken,etc)as his body gets heaty easily.My hubby suggested to let Ryan join the outing & let him have fun with his friends there as there is a playground at SugarBun.
After consideration, at last, I agreed to let Ryan join & we sent him to SugarBun around 6.30pm(we are definitely late & everyone started having their dinner-french fries, burger,fried chicken,soft drink). Ryan only have the burger bun (without the meat - as Ryan dislike eating meat),bit of french fries & small cup of soft drink.I left him with the teacher & friends and I was told to pick Ryan home at 8pm.
Then me & hubby sneaked to MacDonalds for our dinner as we have RM20 McD voucher in hand which are expiring in this coming Dec.Both of us are having Pounder Beef meal(taste yummy). Since I am having cough & flu, I did not eat too much french fries & soft drink.I would say, today is my first time having beef burger in my whole life,it definitely taste great with lots of ketchup.
Although just a short & rush dinner, we all enjoying alot.
After fetching Ryan from SugarBun, we went to GIANT hypermart for a walk & hubby spotted a new design of coke can, they have 4 different designs & he quickly grabbed 4 cans in hand.

That's how we spent our Saturday Night......Have a good rest!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I noticed that my immune system is getting weaker and weaker. Lately, I always kena flu bug. A little dust or bad smell will make me get flu.
Lucky, I found the right medicine to cure my flu : Clarinese.
Everytime when the flu is bugging me, I will pop in Clarinese & have a good rest for a day.
Hope I will get well soon !!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Yes......I 'm back again....:)

I have been missing in action for the past few months since I moved in to my new house. I would say, since moving to my new house, I am quite busy ... have to send & fetch Ryan to school, doing housechores,etc.
Apart from it, I am using broadband for the time being as there is no phoneline at my housing area,really hope TM will put up phoneline so that I can use Streamyx line again.
I felt inconvenience using broadband service as sometimes the line is quite lagged.
I do hope I can update my blog more from today onwards.

Before I pen-off, let's me jot down what I am busy about last Saturday. Ryan was having his first dancing competition at Rejang Park Kindergarten. Ryan was getting excited for that Big Day.Both me & my husband were getting excited to see Ryan's performance on stage with his classmates.
The programme was started at 6.30pm & Ryan has to be there earlier to get ready for the competition. We went there at 5pm, I left Ryan to the teacher and both me & hubby came back around 6pm.The hall was full house & we can only get the seat at the latest row. It ended around 9pm and everyone is getting tired. Ryan's class was getting "most creative" prize for the competition.
It was definitely a great experience for Ryan having a chance to perform on stage.

"Happy Monday"