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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Countdown for my Singapore & Medan trip

I am counting my days 1 2 3 4 5 ....... at last I am going to Singapore on 5 Dec-10Dec'08 and then back to my hometown Medan on 11 Dec'08. I will only be back to Sibu on 10 Feb'09. Really a long long holiday at Medan this year. I miss my family and the food so much. Ryan is looking forward to play with his cousins too.
We will be meeting up with my MP buddies SuYing,Wanchin & Agnes in Singapore on 7 Dec'08. It has been a year haven't met Agnes & little Jing Ting. Can't wait to meet the rest too. It is my first time to meet up with SuYing & Wanchin.The previous gathering all were held in KL and I always missed out. Of course, I do hope to see Ling,ShiokFunn,Nicole,Violet,Queenie and Liteng in Singapore. Too bad they can't make it this time. Miss u gals!!

Hope all of us will have a wonderful holiday trip!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lotus Root Porridge

Lastnight I was keep thinking what to cook for Ryan this morning as his breakfast & lunch ?? For the past 2 days, he was having meesuah chicken soup. Let's open up the fridge and check out what vege left inside the fridge...Oh, I saw lotus root. I remember I did read about Lotus Root porridge recipe . I wanna give a try to Ryan .... not sure he will like it or not.

After cutting the lotus root into small pieces, put them into boiling water, add wolfberries and red dates. I used chicken breast meat to add the sweetness to the soup. Cooked for 45mins. For your info, lotus roots are still crunchy after cooking for 45mins. Therefore I decided not to put the lotus root into the porridge when I cooked the porridge this morning.Kept the lotus root soup overnight.

This morning, I used this soup base to cook the porridge for Ryan. I did added in the chicken breast meat,wolfberries and red dates into the porridge too. It turns out to have a very sweet taste for the porridge. Ryan loves to eat these porridge too.

Sorie no picture for sharing this time as I was too busy & forget about it. Will do it next time!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

SweeT SmiLe For The DaY

Smile Smile ... What is Mommy trying to blog about ?? When I was browsing thru Ryan's pictures collection tonight , I noticed some of his pictures are full of Sweet Smiles.
Therefore I decided to drag out some of the nice smile pictures and started to do my Smile Project. Frankly speaking, I am not so familiar with Power Point(almost forget how to use it) ... take few hours for me to figure out how it works and at last my project is done.
Phew ***.... Do I feel satisfied with my own creation ??? No comments. I need my Blogger Friends to give me some comments. Feel to dropby....*-*

Happy Weekend 2 all my dear Friends!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Playing with Handphone (part 2)

Ryan is playing with my handphone again ... his itchy hand like to press the front button of my handphone which can play out some songs (rocks song). I found out that Ryan like to listen to Rocks song like Bon Jovi. Apart from pressing the handphone button, Ryan also like to dig out the button. All these 3 buttons were re-attached before using double tape *** I plan to re-decorate my handphone while I am going to Singapore next month.


Musical Barney - thks to Grandma for this lovely pressie!

Lastweek ,my MIL bought a Musical Barney for Ryan on her trip to JB.

I love you
You love me
We're a happy family
With a great big hug
And a kiss from me to you
Won't you say you love me too?

When Ryan saw it for the 1st time, he was very happy. Then I was told my mil that Barney can sing a song, So I pressed Barney's tummy and Ryan kept say Mai Mai Mai (don't want) when he heard the song. He did not want the Barney to sing a song...OMG, my boy is very weird. I thought he must be happy when heard this song, but then....it is did not happen this way.
Then he carried Barney here and there and even sleep with Barney on that night. From that day onward, I never pressed the Barney's tummy since Ryan did not like it to sing a song. Everytime I asked him : Ryan, where is your Barney??He quickly go find and showed me his Barney.
Last few days, he even played his Barney on my bed...my bed has become his playground. I quickly grabbed my camera and snapped some pictures while he was busying with his Barney.

I hope one day can bring Ryan to see real Barney show. Ryan sure very very happy if really can see the show. He loves to listen to Mother Goose rhymes, so now I become the fate Mother Goose, have to remember all the lyrics and sing songs for Ryan everyday before his nap time. See Ryan happy, Mommy also happy. It brighten up my DAYS !!

Ryan has 2 barneys at home : Hand puppet Barney and Musical Barney. I hope can get whole set of Barney & Friends soft toys (Barney,Baby Bop,BJ & Riff)for Ryan on my coming Dec trip in Singapore.
Lets check out Barney USA website - http://www.barney.com/usa/friends.asp

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Diaper Sample from Pureen

After been waiting for couple of months,at last I received the Pureen diaper sample for Ryan. It has 4 pcs of Pureen sample, 1 pack of Pureen Maternity Toothpaste and some catalogues.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Up and Down the Stairs

Ryan is learning how to walk down the stairs recently. So far, he has known how to climb up the stairs by himself. No more hug when walking up to upstairs. Sometimes he will walk up very very fast ... although I am not playing with him, but he thought I am chasing after him.
While he is walking up the stairs, I will always say ONE TWO THREE ... ONE TWO THREE ... ONE TWO THREE, so he can learn about numbers too while walking up the stairs. Does it a good idea??

Hope Ryan can walk up & down the stairs by himself soon ... of course, with mommy /daddy's at his side.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Smile Happily

I was so happy riding my bicycle around the living room. Actually I am riding it, but using both my legs to push the bicycle around. I still don't know how to paddle yet. Still learning...
...I am so happy while mommy snapped some pictures of mine...I gave her my sweet smiles!!
As you can see, I was wearing Superman pant tonight. Mommy has been teaching me how to say 'superman',....but I can only say ' batmen' at the moment. So everytime when I saw mommy take his superman clothes for me to wear, I will say 'batmen'. Oh..Gosh, how can superman become batman????

Playing with Handphone (part 1)

Ryan like to play with any kind of phone(either housephone or handphone). Once he grabbed the phone, he will start talking (***baby talks *** aya....ahh ahhh ahh....ya ya ya ma ma.......).
Tonight when I saw him took his daddy's handphone & started talking, I faster grabbed the camera and snapped this 2 pictures as a memories. From the picture showed above, I was enjoying talking on the phone and watching TV at same time.

Recently Ryan is very stick to DIGI advertisement (have the Quack Quack Duck) & KFC advertisement (some people are dancing promoting about KFC new food- KFC in satay style). His eyes will just stare on the TV...and same time shake shake his body. Too bad I did not managed to snap the pictures while he is acting.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

My Sunday (9 Nov'08)

This Sunday is the time for Ryan to go for HepA 2nd dose immunization. We went there around 11am, not many people and very fast Ryan' turn is up. He did not cry when walked in to the clinic. Then the nurse will do a weighing (only 12.5kgs - according to Dr.Law is ok ,as long as it is above the average level). Suddenly , there is a baby gal crying, then Ryan started to cry as well. He only stopped crying when the injection is done.
Dr.Law gave PCM for fever (in case) and some Annum milk formula sample (which is not taken by Ryan - whoever want this sample, can let me noe).

Then we headed to Fish shop to see fishes, next stop is to view our new house (only 60% completed),last stop is going to Farley Supermarket to buy some groceries,not to forget ur lunch KFC (favo fried chicken).

For breakfast & lunch, Ryan is having carrot+tomatoes porridge.
For dinner, Ryan is having rice with stir-fried pumpkin & steam fish.

Happy weekend !!

Superior Scribber Award

Thanks to My friend Esmeralda for this superior award Happy. The picture in the cartoon really bring back memories of old days at school where some of us will scribble and draw cartoons ya... Rolling on the floor

So the rules are:

Every Superior Scribbler will name 5 other Super Scribblers.
If you are named you must link to the author & the name of the blog that gave you the award.
Then you must display the adorable award and link to This Post, which explains The Award.
Finally you must visit this post and tell your name to Mr. Linky List.

Then they will have a record of all the people who are Super Scribblers!

So now I'm passing this award to my friends :


The Power Blog

I got this cute cute award from My friend Joanne Tiew. Thank you so much for giving me this award! I appreciate it! . The three PowerPuff Girls named: Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup.
So here it goes... I would like to pass this award to my dear friends below:

Shiok Funn
Ling Ling

Friday, November 7, 2008

New Dish - Oyster Mushroom

Oyster mushroom is a new vegetable for Ryan. This time, I cook it in the porridge together with shredded carrot and sweet corn. It will serve as Ryan 's breakfast & lunch for today. (as I updated this post on 7th Nov'08 @12.45am,so it considered as today)

Hope Ryan will like to eat this porridge *-*

Quoted from website :
Oyster mushrooms (Pleurotus Ostreatus) is a fleshy, gilled mushroom growing in shelf-like fashion on wood that is a good food and promising medicinal. Protein quality is nearly equal to animal derived protein. Low fat content is mostly of the good unsaturated kind. Also contained are carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins B1, B2, plus minerals, especially iron and an antioxident. This mushroom shows activity against cancer and high cholesterol. It has shown activity in the following areas: antitumor, immune response, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibiotic.

Another porridge recipe to check it - http://kuali.com/recipes/viewrecipe.asp?r=261out : (can substitute the abalone/shitake mushroom to Oyster mushroom)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

NTV-7 Programme

I am a full - time mom ... so most of my time is at home taking care Ryan 24/7, it is a kinda of tiring and challenging job. Why do I say so??? As Ryan grows up, he is getting more active and wanna know alot of things happened around him. Everything that I did, he will see and then followed me here and there. He just stick to me like Super Glue. OMG ...... I can only have my breath when he is having his nap in the afternoon. I have to faster cook his dinner (will reheat again during dinner time), iron clothes, take a rest and doing my own stuffs like surfing net,watching TV,etc.
This is a life of SAHM (stay at home Mother). It does not mean that I am complaining about my life. I really enjoying my precious moments with Ryan all the time. I can play with him, read story book, watch TV together, etc....The best is to see Ryan smiles & laughs happily and grows healthier everyday. My tiredness is gone & his smile will brighten up my DAY.

Let's back to the topic that I am going to recommend to my blogger friends. I came across this programme called "My Smart Healthy Baby" from NTV7 3 weeks ago when I was surfing the TV channel. This programme is sponsored by Mead Johnson. So far, I only managed to watch 2 episodes. I have missed out some of it. I found that this programme is very useful to all mommies. It teach us how to cook best nutrition meal for our kids, how to taking care our kids and other useful tips from child's expert.

We can also watch it online from NTV7 website,provided we have registered as a member.Kindly log in to http://www.ntv7.com.my/Home.aspx for registration.

Catch up this programme @NTV-7 every Sat 2-2.30pm.
Let's check it out ://www.ntv7.com.my/Shows/Watch-Episodes.aspx?param=c9tJdC413vyzGaqGGcqUlSl9ix%2fMKp7%2bjeqbQsjC4yIYKu5cS91L4JqzbfPcVE8Kp6pjA8WJqiI%3dthis link :

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My New Look

Before hair cut
After hair cut
Last Monday (3rd Nov'08), mommy brought me for a hair cut after my breakfast. Ryan sure will cry again...but lucky this time he is more cooperative with his grandma around (my MIL). Grandma is the one who hug him while he is having his hair cut. He just cried awhile and did not moved alot.
*****5 mins later, a new look is Up ( pretty short hair ), looks more tidy & fresher.******

My 21 months old

Last Sat (1st Nov'08) is Ryan's 21 months old ... time flies pretty fast, another 3 more months he is going to be 2 years old boy. Almost time to go school (that's mommy plan). Next year ,Ryan will celebrate his 2nd birthday in Medan-Indonesia(mommy's hometown) again.

Okie,...Let's talk about my development on my 21 months old :

1. Speech : some new words are coming - bear(teddy bear or any cute soft toys),batman (batman/superman),egg,be(bread),apple(pe),go go go.
2. Know where is his ear,nose,mouth,eyes,head(must say wear hat - then he will point his head), leg(must say put on shoes - then he will point his leg).
3. Know how to do smelly action esp after he did his big biz.
4. Like to listen to Mother Goose rhythms (from barney vcds) and Doraemon song.
5. Will kiss & hug mommy & daddy when we ask him to do so.
6. Show an interest to play/cycle his bicycle....most of the time still use his legs to push the bicycle around the living room.
7. Teeth : not able to count
8. Weight : around 13kgs
9. Height : long time never measured
10. Food : porridge (breakfast + lunch), rice with vege/fish,etc (dinner),meesuah soup, meehoon/kuetiau/mee soup, fried meehoon,kuetiau/mee. No spicy foods and does not really like to eat cake,but like to eat biscuits.
11. Fruit : apple,pear,plum,orange,grapes,rambutans(recently rambutan season...just let him eat abit). Does not like durians.
12. Like to help mommy's do houseworks...MY GOOD BOY, RYAN !!!

New Fruit - Plum

Another new fruit introduced to Ryan recently is PLUM. First time, he did not like it. The next day, I tried again and he seem enjoyed eating the plum bit by bit(showed in the above slideshow).
Plums are high in fiber, low in cholesterol, sodium free and rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C.They are great aids in reducing the risks of cancer and heart attack and sustaining healthy cholesterol levels. As Plums are high in fiber and natural sugars, they help maintain bowel regularity. Plums are great to help with constipation.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

New Dish - Tofu

Last Monday, I think of another way to cook tofu for Ryan's dinner. He seem does not like to eat tofu soup,I guess it is too plain for him although I did eat pork and thong chai into the soup. Therefore, I decided to cook the tofu in different way.I fried some of the tofus,cooked together with sliced pork(marinated with osyter sos+sesame oil),carrots,and brocoli. I never add MSG into Ryan's food. So my best seasoning is Osyter sos + mushroom powder.
This dishes turn out great and Ryan likes it. At least, my effort is paid off.**-**

For fruit, I introduced an ORANGE for Ryan. These oranges is pretty cheap, I got it during the promo...only RM0.20/pc. First, I peel off the orange skins, section the orange,peel off the membranes - that stringy stuff that covers the "meat" of the orange,then slices it into small pieces.
Oranges, like all citrus fruits, are acidic and more than likely to give babies younger than 12 months old rashes due to the acidity.Not just a great source of vitamin c, oranges have a myriad of vitamins and other nutrients that make them tops for a refreshing and healthy snack.
Ryan loves orange too!!