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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Yakult.......I love it !!

I remembered well my first time having Yakult was during my university time in Singapore. It was a sunny day and I went to my campus canteen for a drink. The first thing that caught my eyes was a bottle of Yakult..I was wondering how is the taste like,since I never drink Yakult before.
Quickly grabbed a bottle ,make the payment and gave it a try...Oh....it taste Good.
Since then, I started to stock up a pack of Yakult in my fridge..it is my favourite drink which do good to my body system.
Constipation is one of the problem that I encountered in my life, I noticed after drinking Yakult, my constipation problem is gone.
One day, I googled to find more information about Yakult & found this useful information on how Yakult works well for our body system :
- Yakult helps to  regulate our bowel movement to avoid constipation and diarrhea
- Yakult helps to  maintain the balance of good and bad bacteria in our intestines
- Yakult helps to reduce production of toxins in our body
- Yakult helps to  enhance our body's immunity to reduce risk of infections and reoccurrence of cancer cell.

Since I moved back to Sibu, I was having a hard time getting Yakult from local supermarket, I have visited quite a number of supermarkets,but there is no avail of Yakult brand in their beverage section. Until one day, Giant Hypermart was opened in Sibu and I went there for  shopping. While walking through their beverage section, I saw Yakult was displayed on the rack.Not to wait, I grabbed 2 packs of Yakult into my shopping trolley.  So happy ... at last, I can drink Yakult daily which definitely give a good effect for my body.

Yakult is not only my favourite drink,my son Ryan also loves to drink Yakult. Everyday after taking his lunch, he will drink a bottle of Yakult, which keep him stay healthy and no more constipation problem.

Ryan enjoying his mee goreng with a bottle of Yakult

From the website, I noticed that Yakult is providing a "Home Delivery" service to their customers,I am not sure whether this service is available for Sibu area....anyway, I have submitted my enquiry online about this issue and hope to get a reply from Yakult company soon.

Drinking Yakult daily will help to top up our beneficial bacteria. Always stay healthy with Yakult!!

Lastly, for those bloggers' friend who  have a great experience with Yakult, do join this "Blog and Win with Yakult" contest. For more information on the contest, please click here.

Good Luck @@@

Monday, May 21, 2012

Something "Hot" from my kitchen..

Yesterday, I was craving for curry chicken ...I found a pack of Mini  Ketupat in my kitchen. Got all the ingredients ready and started cooking my curry chicken. This time I use a pack of Amway curry chicken paste (given by MIL).
I added lot of potatoes into my curry (both me n husband love to eat potatoes).
While cooking the curry, I cooked the mini ketupat .It is definitely best to be served with a bowl of warm curry for our dinner.
Last night, I did not eat rice for dinner, I just walloped those mini ketupat for dinner and even for my supper. Taste good and "Hot". One thing make me curious....why my curry chicken was spicy,while last time my MIL was using the same paste,but it did not taste spicy at all. So strange...??

*sorry for the blurr pic.......

Friday, May 18, 2012

Something Red from my kitchen

Beetroot....did you guys like to eat beetroot? For me and Ryan, both of us like to eat beetroot so much. Normally I will cook beetroot soup with either chicken or porkribs,added some carrots...it really taste good.

The other day, I have few beetroots in my fridge and I came across this recipe "beetroot butter cake". Trying to look for the ingredients needed...lucky my kitchen has everything that was needed to make this cake. Then...here started my baking project "Beetroot butter cake". After busying in my kitchen for more than an hour.......at last my butter cake is ready.

The outcome is not that good, the cake is bit too soft and the top of the cake is over-baked.
Need to improve my baking skills.

Lastly,Wishing all my bloggers' friends "have a nice weekend".

Monday, May 14, 2012

A piece of Good News

Last Saturday, Ryan n his classmate were representing his school(Rajang Park Kindee) for colouring competition. This event was organised partly by Stationary association, Buncho is sponsoring the colour pencil. We were informed to reach the place at 7am (lucky Ryan could wake up around 6.10am). We reached the basket ball court (near Delta mall) around 7.05am and it was getting crowded. Different tadika from Sibu, Kapit and Sarikei were joining this competition.And all the participants were selected by the schools (more than 200 participants).
It was started at 8.05am and lasted for 2 hours. Ryan completed his colouring less than 2 hours and before submitting to the organiser, I managed to capture  a picture of what he coloured  "A winnie the Pooh".
Every participants were receiving  a small trophy as a token of participation on this event and Come the time to announce the winners for K1 and K2 ....Every parents were so kan-cheong...**-**

Let's the pictures do the work....

Ryan is getting ready for the competition
Nice or not?

Ryan was amongst 25 kids,won"ChiaChuo"prize
Ryan with all the 25 kids

Sunday, May 6, 2012

His first time

 I did mentioned in me previous post that Ryan will be joining colouring competition(organized by United People's Activity Association) and today is the "DAY".  The location is quite near to my house ,less than 5 mins drive and we arrived at Star Mega Mall around 9am, it was so crowded. After confirming Ryan's attendance, we were proceeded to the hall and it was packed,almost full house.Lucky we managed to park our table in the middle of the crowd (squeeze like sardin...). I was told there were about 400+ kids joining this competition (not sure it was true or not).
The competition was started at 9.30am and all parents are told to leave the hall before it started. So I just waited outside for awhile, I saw Ryan waved "goodbye" to me. The organizer started to distribute the colouring paper to the kids..alamak, I lupa told Ryan to write his name on the behind of the paper,and I was not allowed to go in. I just prayed hard that the staff in charge will check Ryan's colouring paper.

Then hubby went back home and I was alone at the mall waiting for Ryan. I just went for window shopping. Time flies fast...after walking around for  an hour, I went back to the hall and saw alot of kids have finished their colouring,but Ryan was still in the hall doing his colouring. Since I saw some parents walked in to the hall,so I just walked in and see how is Ryan doing. He almost finished up his colouring (left half of the background - blue colour background). This event was sponsored by Mee Daddy (instant noodle made from Sibu) so the kids are colouring the Mee Daddy logo. I saw Ryan add some clouds on the background..not bad, I saw an improvement in his colouring skill.

Ryan finished up his colouring just on time(almost 11am) and we have to wait till 11.30am for the result. Hubby has joined us too and we walked around at the toy section while waiting for the winners' announcement.
 >>>>>>>>>>........At last, the result was out from the "Oven"..... After announcing the pre-K winners,here we are for the K1 n K2 winners. There are 8 consolations prize followed by 1-4th prize (cash + hamper).
..............................Ryan won the consolation prize (his very first time win the colouring competition). He walked to the stage to receive the prize (too bad, I never expect that he can win,so never standby my camera). Ryan was so happy.

Then we went back home and have Mee Daddy(part of the prize) as our today's lunch. This is our first time eating Mee Daddy...never try this brand of instant noodle before,it tasted GooD.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Busy days ahead

With the school exam is approaching in another week time, I am getting busy preparing revision for Ryan to do everyday. His school exam will start on 14 May-17 May(16 May is Teacher's day,so no exam). Both me and my hubby have prepared some materials for Ryan to practice every night especially those Mandarin words..need lot of practice on writing those strokes,I leave it to hubby to teach Ryan as I am a "banana"(seeing those strokes make me headache....how to teach la).
Of course, for English & Maths, I do not have a problem to teach Ryan.
Ryan has started his colouring lesson at school every Saturday, it was started since last month and this coming Sunday, he will join colouring competition at Star Mega Mall, I hope he can gain experience from it. Either win or lose, it does not matter.
On 12 May, Ryan will represent his school to join colouring competition (together with his school mates). So for this few weeks, he has to stay back till 1pm to do some practicing for the colouring competition. Of course, it is a great experience for Ryan to learn more in colouring. His school teacher will guide him on how to mix the colour and how to colour properly. As for me, I have to rush like mad,after fetching Ryan from school, have to rush back home to prepare lunch for Ryan and get him ready for nap....time flies fast.

Pray hard that Ryan can do well in his coming exam.!!