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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Needak Rebounder

Have you ever heard about NeeDak Rebounder ? Yesterday I saw one of my friend was posting Needak Rebounder picture in his blog and I am curious about this product.
After searching online, I came across this website called "home of Needak Rebounder".The Needak Rebounder is the number one selling rebounder in the world and the Needak soft bounce rebounder is needaks most popular model. This rebounder is made 100% in the USA and is practically indestructible. They come with two different colour either black or blue and you can choose for non-folding or folding type. Of course, if your house has space to place the rebounder set up, then non-folding model is the best choice.

The best part is this company provide free shipping and it comes with a bonus pack when you purchase the "rebounder set" now. Hurry up ....place your order while stocks last !!
The bonus pack come with :
* Free Immune System DVD
* Free Jump For Health Book
* Free Carrying Bag (folding rebounder only)
* Article: "Total Health" by Dr. Morton Walker

Lastly, Needak Rebounder come with lifetime warranty on the frame, hinges, platform pins and leg tubes. As for the mat cleats , it has 5 years warrantee and for the springs and safety spring cover, it has 2 years warrantee.