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Saturday, July 4, 2009

My 29 Months Old

Another backdated post..I suppose to update this post 2 days ago (1 July '09). Ryan has reached his 29 months old....next month he will be 2.5 yrs old....Very fast,another 6 months he will be 3 yrs old and time for schooling (** big headache for mummy coz worry Ryan will cry and not get used to his new activity **).

New updates of his development :

1. Still like to eat any kind of green vegetables.
2. Does not like to eat banana and papaya...other fruits like orange,grape,apple,pear still Ok.
3. Can speak up more words(Have been trying to combine 2-3 words together..try to make up a sentences)...That's a good improvement.
4. Learning ABC,123,colours and shapes.
5. Fancy of Robots (due to Transformers2 ~ everyday will ask for robot robot).His daddy wants to bring him to cinema to watch Transformers2,but due to Influenza A,better stay indoor and avoid public place.
When Ryan saw the Transformers2 advertisement, he will say ' robot' and want us to repeat the advertisement,OMG..lucky our Astro Max machine can review back the advertisement.
6. Like to eat Pizza...everyday will say 'pizza pizza',so most probably tomorrow will bring him to Pizza Hut for lunch.
7. Like to watch Teletubbies( new program for Ryan - he can learn about nursery songs,abc,colours,123).
8. Prefer to sleep with his daddy at night.
9. Difficult to get Ryan take his nap - sometimes even give me a 'black face' when I asked him to up to the bedroom for his nap.So sometimes it drag till 4pm,then he will dozed off.
10.Super demanding boy..want this and that and if never give the things that he want,will cry.
11.Like to eat Prunes (new snack for Ryan - he will eat everyday 2 pcs) since I have cut down his intake on biscuits.
12.Like to eat London Swissroll (have tried blueberry,milk,vanilla,pandan flavour and all he likes it).
13.Like to drink green bean soup(must with bit of sugar).
14.Have been dragging his night sleep time till almost 11.30-12 midnight (keep want to play n play).
15.Hate to go for hair-cut...will cry loudly.
16.Scared to go doctor...will cry before enter the clinic.

Happy 29 months old to my precious boy,Ryan!!