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Thursday, October 7, 2010

I hate this BUG...

When cough bug strike one of us at home....I just hate it and wanna get rid of it.
Then here comes the MEDICINE to cure the cough and this time , Ryan is getting
cough bug again. These was his 3rd time getting cough bug for this year.
OMG....what happen to Ryan? He seem easily fall sick after attending nursery.
Should I consider to change him to another school?...Maybe...???
I guess Ryan has a poor immune system,that is why he is easily kena cough or flu bug.

Yesterday night, I noticed Ryan's voice started to change a little bit...not as usual and I
let him drink plenty of water to clear his throat.
I kept asking him whether he has a sore throat and he told me "NO NO",ok...at least, he still
has appetite to eat and stay active.
This morning, he woke up as usual...then I started to hear him cough with lot of phelgm.
Oh gosh.....Cough bug is attacking him. He did not cough often ,but then I can hear the
phelgm in his throat everytime when he cough.
Faster get him eat cough medicine and after sending him off to school, I rushed to Dr.Law's clinic to get a box of MUCOLATOR(medicine to clear phelgm)- it consist of 6 small packs and Ryan need to eat 2 packs per day. Most of the time, when Ryan was sick,...I will let him eat medicine that I have standby at home for at least 2 days, if show no recovery sign,only then I will bring him for a doctor. Sometimes, I even know what medicine the doctor is going to give...Oh...Mummy is a 'home doctor' too...that is because Ryan has been checked in to Dr.Law almost every month since he started his nursery class.

Hope after the home medication, Ryan will gets better...
Takecare everyone !!!