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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

From my kitchen : Steamed Egg Cake

Yesterday night was a free night for me, we have an early dinner and I have "extra time" before watching the Spore Drama on AEC channel at 8.30pm.
My hand felt itchy and I started to find some cake recipe that I have in my recipe book.
Since I have all the ingredients needed for Steamed Egg Cake, I got myself busy in the kitchen for half an hour. It is a simple cake  that my family love it so much.

After beating the ingredients and steaming for half an hour (in high heat).....Here is the cake for our breakfast this morning...

We finished up this cake in  an hour time and I may consider to make one again later in the afternoon since I have extra Sprite(soft drink) in my fridge. Yes... Soft drink like 100 plus or Sprite or 7 Up is one of the ingredient to make this cake.