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Friday, May 30, 2008

My Worried Day

21 May 08 - Ryan woke up at 9am.He was having slight fever.As usual after breakfast, I will bath him and then we will be playing together. Before having his lunch, I feed him PCM for fever n subsequently his temp is getting down. After lunch, he headed for his afternoon nap. He woke up around 4pm and his fever is back again.I started to worry and again I feed him PCM around 5pm. I am having a hard time to feed him medicine coz he refused to open up his mouth n keep crying when he saw me take medicine. However, he still can play as per normal. After taking his dinner, he played with his daddy and around 10.30pm, he slept.

22 May 08 - Ryan woke up at 1am in the morning ...cried for his milk n my hubby noticed that his forehead is hot and his temp has up to 38.2'c. He finished up all his milk, but he could not get back to sleep.Kept rolling here n there. So we decided to bring him to 24 hrs emergency @SSMC. Doct inserted Voren to his buttock and of course, he cried very loud at the clinic.After reach home, his fever was down abit n he managed to continue his sleep till the next morning.
As usual, Ryan woke up around 9am and when i touched his forehead, the fever was back again. At last, I have no choice but to insert another Voren to his buttock during lunch time and he took his nap soundly after that. But once he woke up around 5pm, the fever came back again. I was so worried and told my hubby to bring to Dr.Law for check-up. According to Dr.Law, Ryan 's throat was swollen and it leads to his fever.Dr.Law suggested to inject an antibiotik for the throat infection. Of course, Ryan will cry n cry when he saw the doct.Dr.Law also gave few tablets of Voren and Paracetamol and antibiotik syrup for Ryan.

23 May 08 - Ryan 's fever still the same....the medicine can only be effective for 5-6 hrs and then his fever will come back again. So I inserted Paracetamol to his buttock to relieve his fever and he took his nap for 2 hours. He woke up at 4pm and he felt so weak..he just want to lie on the bed. I quickly called his daddy back home and we brought Ryan to Dr.Law. When we reached his clinic, Ryan fever was about 39'c and Dr.Law suggested to admit Ryan to hospital for further investigation.My heart was pain n my tears was dropping.

Ryan was brought to operation room to do a lining at his leg,tats was for a drip and easier for inserting medicine coz Ryan refused to take oral medicine.He was crying n crying...whenever he saw someone open to room door, he would cry. He did not even want to lie on the bed. So I have to hug him for whole night.I was so worried and dunno what to do....Ryan has to suffer so much,my poor boy.His body temp was kept monitoring and he was kept inserted Voren and paracetamol to bring down his fever.Blood and urine test were conducted and all showed (-) result.

24 May 08 - Ryan condition still the same. Fever still 'on' n 'off' from time to time.

25 May 08 - Today, Ryan looks better and no more fever for the past 12 hours,without any medication at all. Doct said that if by 24 hrs, Ryan did not have a fever, then he can discharge the next day. I can see any improvement on Ryan. He can play around and become active back again,but his body developed red spots and according to doct, tat was measles.For conclusion, Ryan 's fever was caused by throat infection and measles. At last, I do feel better and have an appetite to eat too.

26 May 08 - Doct visited Ryan around 10am and Ryan can discharge already. This time, he seem don't really scare at doct and he even hold doct's hand and walked out to the room door. Both Ryan n I feel happy..we can back to our sweet home after being at hospital for 3 days.

27 May 08 till now - Ryan is back to his active world and the red spots was gone totally on 29 May 08. He also started to eat his porridge. Pity him...a lot of foods he can't consume due to measles.According to old folks, need to wait till 1 month, then he can consume bread,pork,fish,etc. Ryan feels suffer coz a lot of foods he can't eat and he has to be at home all the time.At last, I feel relieve and can sleep well too *-*

Lucky my hubby bought an insurance for Ryan, hospital bills was paid by insurance and all the clinics bills also claimed from insurance co.