Ryan's Sweet Memories

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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

1st Time Onboard S'pore MRT Train

After boarded the MRT train, I yawn and same time heard the train saying something then the train door is closed. I look at daddy curiously wanted to know what is happening. Daddy explained, every time before the train door is closed, it will have a warning to passengers "Door's closing, keep clear of the door"

4th DEC 2007

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Holiday Trip

Pic taken at Takashimaya in Spore .. posed behind big x'mas tree

Holiday Trip

Taken at Spore Suntec City during x'mas trip

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Gift from Ciu Ciu n Ciu Mu

2 pcs of Disney Babies Bibs and 1 pair of Disney Socks (bought from Japan Disney)

Gift from Yi Ma

YiMa bought few small gifts for Ryan, so happy that he will play with it everyday ... (it is soft hammer with whistle n 2 smile hammers ***knock knock knock***)

CD Collections

Bought few cds songs for Ryan . One of Ryan's favo song is "Looby Loo" (mummy plays tis song for Ryan everyday)*-*

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Baby Walker

Snap 'Snap ' Snap '.... some pics while Ryan is playing with his baby walker, he keeps go round round round N round at the living room.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

*Sick Ryan*

Last night Ryan having bad cough n phlegm, he kept wakeup n crying. Lucki he manage to sleep till this morning 7.30am. After i have finished my housework, Daddy n Mummy brought Ryan to c Dr.Law. According to doct, Ryan has lot of phlegm n suggested that Ryan take medication thru machine to discard the phlegm. Ryan was crying while doing the medication. Then doct also gav some medicine. After reach home, I fed Ryan bubur n he managed to finish it all. After rest for 1 hour, continue to feed him medicine (with daddy's help). Lastly, Ryan managed to take all the medicine (he is crying also while taking his medicine).
Ryan still look active n he still crawl here N there. Around 2pm, he really get tired n fall asleep.Hope he will get better after a nap.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Ryan's Little Thing- 2nd Video

Lastnite, Daddy n Mummy brought Ryan go Wisma Sanyan jalan-jalan. While passing by baby's section, Mummy think of getting a pacifier for Ryan(so that Ryan can use it -suck the pacifier when he is on board the plane nextweek ~goin to Spore,JB and back to Medan for holiday). After reach home, Mummy went to boil the pacifier n let Ryan try sucking it....Ryan seem enjoyed alot N Daddy managed to record some actions while Ryan is sucking his Pigeon Pacifier *-*

Friday, November 23, 2007

Ryan 1st Video (23112007)

Ryan is busy crawling on the floor, grabbing Pooh N trying to stand up
(recorded by Daddy)...U hav done a good job, Daddy.

Playing with Hp

I managed to snap some pics while Ryan is busy playing wif Mummy's Hp...(noti boy la always like to play wif hp n listen to songs from hp)*-*

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Flash Card

This is another present from Daddy(bought from Popular Bookshop @Bintulu), a Flash Card with 4 Exciting Titles(incld: Alphabet,My Body, First Words N Transport).Mummy will show it to Ryan everyday-5pcs/day...It's a FUN LEARNING KIT FOR CHILDREN.

Free Diaper from MamyPoko

Another free diaper sample from MamyPoko (2 packs)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

FreeGift from Nestle

This afternoon, I rec'd a free gift from Nestle.They have : rice& chicken porridge(stage 3), Nestle bib N some Nutrition tips...Wil giv Ryan a try on the porridge*-*

Aussino Kids Set Me

A present from Mummy - 5pcs Melamine Set from Aussino Kids(dolphin set).
They hav 4 models : Space Ship,Ballerina,Dolphin N OctoFun, price Rm23.90/set.

Say thks to Auntie Wanchin for taking the set meal pics for Mummy...*-*

My Pooh Hat with New Hair Style*-*

It is a present from Ciu Ciu (bought @ Disney Japan) .....I love Pooh Pooh alot *-*

Monday, November 19, 2007

Ryan is vomitting this morning

As usual , Ryan wake up at 8.30am...then hav his milk, followed by shower (haven't been shower for 3 days due to flu). Now his flu is getting better..no more sniffs.After finish shower,Mummy applied Johnson Baby SoftLotion (smell veri harumm....)to my whole body.Around 10am,Ryan took his flu medicine , After a while, Mummy feed him porridge. While eating half way, he keeps coughing and at last Ryan vomits out some porridge. Ryan starts to get fussy until around 11am, Mummy makes susu, but Ryan refused to drink it. Then Mummy 'on' some music n hug him till he falls sleep. Hope Ryan feels better after having his nap *-*

Friday, November 16, 2007

Ryan is down with flu

This morning, Ryan still down with flu (he shld be getting it from me ... I m fully recovered liao) n I do not shower him for the day coz weather is cool this morning. I just wipe clean his body N get him a change. As usual, he will ask for milk and after finish drinking his milk....he vomits out(believe he dun drink his milk properly this morning .... drink too fast). Then I clean up his body n get a new cloth for him. Ryan still look active N he plays as normal. Around 9.30am, he seem hungry n i feed him porridge(cook wif ikan bilis). He manage to finish it all (good boy).**

I noticed that he sniffs so many times this morning...but he still looks very active n keeps playing n playing until arnd 11.30am, he feels tired N has a nap.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ryan has recovered from his fever

I am happy that Ryan has recovered from his fever. This morning, I decide to bring him for his 1st hair cut. He cried while having his hair cut, takes abt 5 mins to cut his hair...(sometimes he wil cry when c stranger also**).After reach home, I let him have a warm shower and shampoo his hair. He look fresher and play whole day...(like cacing...crawl here N there, open drawer,etc). Active Ryan is back again.....

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ryan is better today..

Ryan is getting better today..but still not so active and his appetite is down. Normally Ryan has a big appetite and super active. His face looks a bit pale. Poor baby Ryan.....hope he will fully recover soon **

Monday, November 12, 2007

Ryan is down with fever

Yesterday morning, my husband n I brought Ryan for JE Immunisation. Around 10am, at last is Ryan's turn n after the injection, doct gav him PCM to release fever in case it happen. In the next 5 mins when we r on the way home, Ryan started to get fever. Upon reached home, I feed him water with porridge.After awhile, I gave him PCM for fever. After taking 2 small spoons, Ryan vomitted.
Then I wiped clean his body n get him a change. He tried to sleep, but can;t sleep well. The fever is getting higher, at last I decided to bring Ryan to 24hrs emergency@Sibu Specialist Medical Ctr. Doct inserted Paracetamol thru his buttock.....he cried for a while(my heart so pain ... Ryan seem suffered).Once we reached home,I kept measured his temp every hour n his fever is down lastly. Ryan started to get active n played around. Around 10.30pm, Ryan slept n I myself also have my rest. Around 1am, Ryan woke up n he seem hungry. Daddy make him a milk n while i fed him, i felt that his fever is back again. I inserted Paracetamol thru his buttock(as suggested by doct), but his fever is up n down .He managed to get quick sleep in between, but from his face, Ryan seem very uncomfortable.

Then my husband n I decided to bring Ryan to a doct this morning. According to the doct, Ryan has throat infection n with the JE injection, it caused him to have fever. Doct hav given him some medicine n also inserted medicine to his buttock to bring down his fever. Upon reach home, he still refuse to hav his milk or water. After a while, with my MIL's help, I managed to feed him Fever Medicine ,but another 2 types of medicines stil not yet feed coz he keep crying n crying n refuse to take it.I keep close control on his temp n in the next 1 hour, his temp is down...no more fever. In the afternoon, he asked for milk n I feel happy to c him managed to finish all his milk(no vomitting this time). He felt more energetic n smile, but his body still feel weak. Around 4.15pm, Ryan takes his nap at last.....Hope Ryan will feel better after rest this afternoon.**

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Freebies from EnfaMama Club N MeadJohnson

Received a number of fridge magnets,car stickers,Weaning food guide,Obstetric calculator plus MeadJohnson red packets

Supreme Baby Monitor

Ciu Ciu bought Ryan 1 set of Supreme Baby Monitor as a present during his full month celebration. It has 2 way communication function, 5 soothing melodies, 2 user selectable channel, built-in microphone, visual sound lights, volume on/off, portable & lightweight, signal receive indicator N long range up to 100 metres. It is a very useful present ..... Thanks alot to Ciu Ciu *-*

Anmum Essential Milk Formula Sample

Yesterday, I received 2 packs of Anmum Essential Milk formula sample from Anmum Club..will give a try to Ryan when he reachs 1 yr old (currently Ryan is 9mths n 6 days old).

Disney Story Book

Daddy bought a big present for Ryan..they are Disney story books complete with 365days stories (autumn, winter, spring N summer) . It also comes with a complete set of Disney Vocabulary Books N 21 great songs from Disney Movies & Stories. A whole set of Children's Encyclopedia with Disney Charaters , Children's Dictionary plus whole set of "I Wonder Why"reference books are included in these package.
Ryan is enjoying my story -telling every nite before he goes to sleep. Thanks alot to Daddy for this great present *-*

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Aeroplane Toy

Lastnite I planned to give Ryan a new toy..its an aeroplane, a present from Medan's grandma. Daddy fixed for him at nite & Ryan seem curious when he saw the plane turn here N there in the bedroom.There is a sound when the plane is moving around. Ryan looked Ok wif the plane's sound. Around 10pm, Daddy played with Ryan and Daddy "ON" the plane remote ...... Ryan cried loudly when he heard the sound. I faster hug Ryan N he managed to calm down , then started to smile to Daddy n Mummy. As we are going to Spore and Medan next month, I want Ryan to get used to the plane sound in advance. So this morning after taking his porridge, I tried to "ON" the plane remote .... Ryan cried again when he heard that sound. It make me so worry that he seem dun get used to the plane sound .I will keep trying to let Ryan get used to the plane sound day by day. I told myself not to give up and must do it slowly....***

Free Diaper Sample

Free diaper sample from Pet Pet, Fitti Soft Comfort, Drypers N Drypantz (size L),will give a try to Ryan**

Thursday, November 1, 2007

K'sKids Musical Mat

Another present from daddy ...its a K'sKids Play N Rest Musical Mat (suitable 0-36mths)...Ryan is so hapi n he plays with it everyday. There is also a music (twinkle twinkle Little Star)n light appeared wen Ryan kicks at the side. Its a great present,Daddy ....***

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Go Jalan - Jalan

Lastnite, I brought Ryan go jalan-jalan to Farley Supermarket. He was so happy and excited when we are all getting ready to go out. I just bought some groceries (incld favourite ice cream from Magnolia ...etc) and also I have use my Farley Card to redeem yr 2008 calender(its free gift to farley member). After that, we headed back home coz worry the ice cream will get melted. Ryan was playing around once we reached home and finally got to "ZZZZ"(sleep) at 11pm. Have a Sweet Dream, Ryan ****

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Weekend

On 28 Oct 2007,Sunday ... I brought Ryan go jalan-jalan in the afternoon wif my hubby. I bought Ryan a set of Aussino set meal (5pcs melamine set) @rm23.90. After that, we went to Bukit Aup garden to c fish fish...lot of fishes in the pond. Around 4pm, we headed to Sing Kwong supermkt to buy Mickey Puzzle Mat before we went back home. Ryan looked veri tired n hungry. After has his milk, he took a short nap ...ZZZZZZ....A Sweet weekend wif DaDDy n MuMMy****

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Disney Puzzle Mat from DaDDy

tis 1 is another set of Disney puzzle mat from daddy (size 61.5cm*61.5cm each, cost RM28)

Disney Puzzle Mat from DaDDy

Disney puzzle mat from daddy (size 61.5cm*61.5cm each, cost RM28)