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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Beads' time...

Saturday is always a relaxing day for me and Ryan,it is because no school for Ryan .We just spent our quality time together at home.Actually I planned to bake cheddar cheese butter cake,but after finishing do my house chores, I felt lazy so instead I took out Beads set that I bought for Ryan last week, This bead set is a complimentary for Ryan getting good result for his 1st school exam (Ryan get 1st rank for his 1st K1 exam).
It is our first time playing around with the Beads.It is fun but time consuming and my eyes easily got tired seeing those small beads and fixed them into the small hole. After fixing 3 pictures (teddy bears,car and dog), I ironed them and let them cool while we have out short nap.
Too bad the beads are too little and we only managed to create 5 shapes...Just wondering where can I buy those beads? Any idea?

Here is Ryan with his new pressie...beads set

And there is the results of our hardworks for today...

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Goodies from My hometown Medan

Last week, my mom and sis came to visit me,for the very first time since I moved to my new house. Both me and Ryan can't wait for THIS DAY to come. We went to fetch my mom & sis around 2pm last Monday,then we headed home to have their late lunch. I have cooked Meesuah chicken soup & steamed siomay for lunch.At night, we went out for dinner near Medan Mall (forget the kopitiam name). The food was just "so so" (not so nice).
For the past one week, I was busy bringing my mom n sis out for a walk. We went to Star Mega Mall, Giant, Delta Mall, Medan Mall, Farley, Sing Kwong,etc.
They went back to Medan last Sunday,taking morning flight to KL before heading back to Medan.
Of course, never miss out goodies from My hometown Medan. Now, let's the pictures do the work....

RISOL SPECIAL - GOGO ( 1 box = 20 pieces )
My mom bought me 2 boxes and till now I have finished up 1 box.Left another 1 box in my fridge.

LapChiong from Pasar Sambas (taste superb to go with fried rice, fried egg,etc)

C&F Swissroll (pineapple, blueberry & mocca)- It is a must to buy if you were to visit Medan,although there are plenty of bakery selling swissroll in Medan,but overall, I still prefer C&F Swissroll.
Lou Pho Piang - 1 box = 10 pieces.

Tiny ikan bilis

Other goodies not in the above pictures are : sea cucumber,fishmaw, birdnests ,Adem Sari(for sore throat),Pocari Drink(taste like 100 plus).

I can't wait for my next holiday trip to Medan.........any bloggers' friends wanna join me?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Prize n Gift

Last week, I received my prize from Blackmores,another Facebook contest that I joined few weeks ago and I won a bottle of dietary supplement together with RM5 voucher. Till now I am yet to try the dietary supplement (such a big capsule...how to "telan"....I need HELP. Tell me what is the best way to Telan such a big capsule....I don't think it can go down through my throat.In my whole life, I am yet to eat such a big capsule of medicine/supplement.

Thanks Blackmores for this surprise prize.

And yesterday when I was back to my MIL's house, I saw a big envelope for me...Oh, something from my MP cum blogger's friend YeeLing. So kind of her sending me a cute pouch with some nice angpow packets(she still remember well that I collected those CNY angpow packets) and 2 cute stickers.

Thanks Ling for the gift.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Relaxing Day...

At last, Ryan has finished his school exam. Since last wednesday, Ryan was having an exam for Mandarin, English,Science/Moral,BM and Maths. Tonight is definitely a relaxing night for 3 of us. No more revision and Ryan can play his toys till max. While I am typing this post, Ryan is yet to sleep and he is still playing around with his blocks.Let it be since tomorrow is off-day for him.
Next week his exam results will be out,then only I will kan-cheong ...Is Ryan doing well in his exam? I know that he is trying his best.For the past 3 days, everytime when I fetched him back from school, I would ask whether he could do the exam questions and he answered me "YES",I can do all the questions. So just wait and see for the results next week.
School holiday is coming soon.... and we are planning for our first beach trip to Tanjong Manis.