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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Friday, April 25, 2008

PoKoJanG ToY

Today, I received Poko Jang Soft toys from Mamypoko.....As I only submitted 2 entries , so I managed to get Tiger(orange color ) n Bunny(pink color). I miss out another design. Too bad *-*

Thanks lot to MP for sending me this cute soft toys. It will add to my collection. FYI, I have been collecting soft toys from KFC n Mcdonald. It is part of my hobby.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mosquito repellant

I bought this Johnson N Johnson clear lotion Anti-Mosquito when I was backed to my hometown Medan last Dec'07. At that point of time, Ryan still can't use it as it stated clearly that it can only be applied to a baby above 1 yr old. This Feb'08, Ryan is already 1 yr old n I hav started apply this anti-mosquito lotion at both his legs. The effect is good and no mosquito bites anymore. I have tried to find this lotion at Sibu , but not avail here. I juz wondering whether West Msia is selling this product coz it is good to recommend to all mommies to prevent mosquito bites for their babies.

Learning ABC

This afternoon, I went to Farley Supermarket for shopping of groceries.Farley is having great sales for all their member as this 3 days started from Friday -Sunday is their member day. When I passed by the stationary section, I saw lot of educational posters were hanging in the rack. I have been thinking of getting some educational poster for Ryan, paste it on the wall near his bed. After searching n searching, I decided to buy LEARNING ABC poster for Ryan. Ryan likes it alot...Hope he will get to know more n more things by seeing this poster everyday.

Sustagen Junior

I received this Sustagen Junior sample 1 month ago. When I was tidying up the cabinet today, I noticed that I yet to post it at the blog...Still not too late to post it. Anybody wanna this milk sample? Ryan is not drinking it too...so for the meantime, I will juz keep it and will send to any mommies that want to let their baby try this out.

Free sample from Huggies

Received Huggies Ultra and Pull Up Pants from Huggies. I gave them a call on last Monday and I rec'd the sample within 1 week time. I believe Huggies has upgraded their service. From my previous experience, I requested the sample before thru online and also give them a call last yr and has been waiting n waiting n yet to rec'd any sample from them. I almost give up....but at last I decided to give a last try and Happy that at last I managed to got it.

Huggies Malaysia has even come out with their own website. Check it out : www.huggies.com.my (toll free : 1800 821188). Their website is very colorful and contained alot of good articles for sharing.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Smiling Face

@14 mths old

I always having a hard time to snap Ryan's pics nowadays....he will smile while see me take camera out, but he also move nonstop n most of the pics become blur blur. After trying n trying, at last I manage to take this pic...Ryan smile happily in front of the camera *-*(both his eyes almost can c lol....become 1 straight line).

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Call "pa pa"

Ryan started to call "pa pa" every night when he is in the bedroom with his daddy during his sleeping time. He will keep calling n calling ' pa pa', then roll here and there on his mattress.....suddenly, he will become quiet (tats when he fall sleep). This has become his night routine. I am still waiting for the day that he will call me "ma ma ma". Hope that day will come soon *-*

Thursday, April 10, 2008

MP friends Gathering on 05042008

Firstly, big thanks to 'Auntie Agnes' for her effort by adding my family n SuYing Auntie's family pic . All my MP buddies are having a big gathering on 5th April 2008 @ Plus One Shabu Shabu, only me and SuYing were not attending it. SuYing met up wif Agnes at Cameron Highland. I wish I can join them also on that day, but too bad I couldn't make it for this time.

I am looking foward to our next gathering in Dec'08(location : Spore)...I hope all my MP buddies can make it for the Dec trip.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Enjoying See TV

Ryan loves to see Astro XIAO THAI YANG programme. He can sit quietly at the sofa n enjoy the programme(no movement for abt 15mins), he dun even bother when I call his name,furthermore, he will take the TV and Astro controller n make an action pressing the controller .Too bad ...Daddy never subscribe to this Channel(need to pay additional RM20plus),so what Ryan watched is the past programme.Daddy managed to record some of it when Astro was having promo last yr.