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Monday, September 20, 2010

Some Updates on Ryan..

As per my last post, I do hope Ryan will attend his school early
Mooncake celebration,but at last he has to feel dissapointed as he did not manage to attent it as he still feel unwell on that day.
After seeing doctor for the very first time and taking Antibiotik, Ryan did not
show any improvement, fever kept coming back...no choice, has to visit doctot for second time. This round, doctor suggested for an injection as Ryan's throat is pretty bad infected. Okie...since this is the best choice, I agreed to it.
I was so glad that his condition showed slight improvement after the first injection(or else Ryan will end up in the Hospital again) and yesterday, Ryan has to go back for second injection again.
As off today, Ryan's fever has subsided ,but I still let him rest for one day at home.
I plan to let him go to school tomorrow. And tomorrow night, Ryan still need to go to doctor for another check-up.

I really hope Ryan will fully recovered soon.
*This is the second bad experience for me of Ryan getting high fever*