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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Monday, October 18, 2010

For all Facebook friends...

I was joining a facebook contest organised by SABAH TEA few days ago and I am aiming
for their weekly prize which is pretty good.
There will have 4 rounds of weekly prize before proceed for the grand prize.
In order to win for the weekly prize, I need some votes from my dear facebook friends.I really need their supports in order to win this contest.

Frankly speaking..I do think this contest is bit leceh,because more steps to follow.But I will really appreciated your time and effort to give me a vote and your single vote definitely play an important role for my winning in this Sabah Tea contest.

Here are the steps to follow :-

Click LIKE on the profile page

Go to CONTEST and SIGN UP your account.

After Sign Up, You can always skip the submission of your post for this contest. If u wish to join,then you go ahead to type your post & click SUBMIT.
Or else, you click VIEW ENTRIES, and go to this link
Currently, I am at page.5 or you can also find my name MERY SIA . As more people are joining this contest, my post will move to the next page(pls view page 6 onwards for my name).

Lastly, click LIKE on my post (my name will appear : MERY SIA).

For those who has not added me into your friend list in facebook...please add me : shia88@hotmail.com.

Please give me a vote before 19 Oct 2010.
Thanks friends !!