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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Day of year 2010

Tonight most people will be waiting for the countdown party and it reminded me of my young days while I was in Singapore. I did joined the countdown party at Orchard Road almost every year unless I have to be on shift work on that day. I really miss that moments...How I wish time can bring me back there again and let me enjoy another time. Hiks...Hiks....Impossible !!

At first, hubby and I plan for steamboat dinner for tonight,at last has to cancel it off as I am super busy today...no time to out to supermarket to get ready those ingredients for steamboat,and somemore Ryan is not feeling that good too...He is down with cough,slight runny nose, sore throat + fever on & off. Not really a good day for me & Ryan.
Why do I say so ?... Because I have to spent my time taking care of him (he is more demanding when he falls sick,need my attention most of the time, have to monitor his body temperature from time to time). Be it how busy I am...I still spent some time to do simple home - cooked meal for tonight dinner. As Ryan is not feeling well,of course, impossible for him to eat outside food again...so home-cooked meal will be the best for him.

Next week, Ryan will start his school Pre-Kindee on 3 Jan 2011, I do hope that he will get well by then.... Pray hard!!

Lastly, wish all my friends "Happy New Year"....