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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Bake n Cook n Salad Kompiah

Last week, my baking mood was On..after doing my housechores, I started to get ready ingredients to bake Sponge Cake. My mom has brought small mould for me,so this round I baked mini sponge cake. Ryan was so happy when I told him that Mommy was going to make mini sponge cake for him to bring to school for breakfast tomorrow.
And here is the result.....

Yesterday, I cooked "Medan Rendang Ayam" for lunch. Why I said "Medan"..it is because the rendang paste was brought from Medan,my hometown. It taste spicy and tasty...and I just need to cook "steamed rice" to go with my rendang ayam. Easy meal for both me and my hubby.

After having the Rendang ayam for lunch, we continue to have a light snack "salad kompiah".
It was my first time having this salad kompiah.....thumbs up!!! it taste superb.
Kompiah is a traditional Foochow food. It is made from a combination of flour,yeast,water and alkaline. It is best to be eaten with stuffing like meat,vegetables,etc. Sometimes, I will eat with either curry or rendang...it definitely taste great.
Any blogger who come to Sibu, Kompiah is a must eat snack.