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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Definitely worth to win....

I believe all boys like to play around with cars and it goes same to Ryan. He can bring his car toys  to anywhere he goes,.... to the kitchen, bathroom,and even when he sleeps, his hand is still holding on to his favourite cars.
I noticed Ryan has his own creative way playing with his car toys. He like to make his playground more fun by creating special car tracks for his cars,adding building, making tunnels,etc....sometimes he wil even take out his Thomas & friends train set and set them up together with his car tracks.
And last weekend.........I noticed a silent mode in the living room, I took a peep and noticed that Ryan was busy creating his car tracks by using some unused tape roller,books and empty paper boxes.He was busy cutting the paper boxes to make his car track looks great and his car can move smoothly on the tracks....I did offer a little help in connecting the tape roller... ****** And here it goes, the car tracks is ready to make a performance  ...****_****

Ryan grabbed his forever favourite Hot Wheels car and played around his car tracks again and again. He was so happy when he managed in completing his own car tracks with little help from mom/dad. I myself enjoying spending my precious moments with him playing around with his cars.It definitely make our relationship getting stronger and stronger.

The other day while doing blog-hopping, I came across a HOT WHEEL giveaway contest held by a Mom Blogger "Anggie's Journal". I was getting excited with the cool prize "a set of Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Mid Air Madness Booster Set ".
Ryan has been craze over these "Hot Wheel" stuffs since he was 3 years old. For sure, he will jumping up high if I can win this great prize for him.The other day when he saw  this HW picture online,he kept telling me that he liked this"HW Tracks Mid Air Madness Booster Set" so much. Okie.....,so I make a deal with Ryan... if he can get to the  top 10 in his class on this coming final year exam, he will be getting a surprise gift from mommy. I bet you guys know what is the "Surprise Gift" I am getting  for Ryan. For me,this deal is a kinda of encouragement for Ryan to study hard for his coming exam....hope not a pressure for him.
For those who are interested to win this great prize for your boys & girls, let's make a quick drop here the contest details before it ends on 31st October 2012.