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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Our Conversation

I better jotted down Ryan's conversation with me today,to me,it is a suprise..!!
This afternoon Ryan woke up from his nap earlier than usual around 4.10pm, after his milk, he watched Tom & Jerry for awhile,then we went out together.
While I was driving, this is how the conversation go :
Ryan : Mummy, tomorrow I want to go school earlier.
Mummy : Oh....why? You always reach school on time.
Ryan : Teacher saids tomorrow must come earlier,can't come late to school.
Mummy : Ok,then tonight you have to sleep earlier,so tomorrow you can wake up earlier too.
Ryan : Ok Ok..and tomorrow mummy no need to send to up to my classroom. Just send me till the stairs and I will wake up by myself.
Mummy : *I was quiet for awhile* ....Ryan never said like this to me and it was the very first time.(such a suprise for me)..then I replied "ok". You really can do it yourself?
Ryan : Yes...I can,don't worry.

And tonight Ryan goes to sleep earlier than usual and he behaves very well.
I feel so happy that Ryan seem enjoy his school life. A good sign !!