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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

** Wear a HAT **

I love to see my son Ryan putting on a hat...he just looks cute on it and he has few hats, all are a present from my mum since he was born.Since he has grown up now , it is time to get him a new hat as the size of his head has grown bigger .
I have been looking for some children hats at my town here,but seem can't find any nice one and I don't like those designs,not my taste...or maybe I have too high expectation...I guess so !!

When I was busy google for some nice hats online,I came across this Winter Hats Boutique.
They have largest selection of high quality winter hats at the best possible prices. For those who stay in USA and Canada, they will entitle for free shipping.
Such a good customer service...

Winterhats boutique has wide varieties from Woman's winterhats,Men's winterhats and even kids winterhats.
I love this "Herringbone Driver",the design looks simple and nice.

Not to forget, I also google for some of its Woman hats collection.Among its Womens Winter Hats collection, I am falling in love with this "Womens Wool Felted Hat".

Does it looks nice??.....Yes,I definitely love this hat design.(**hope my husband will read this post & give me a suprise gift**)