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Friday, August 14, 2009

What Am I Busy Lately ???

I am just wondering what am I busy about lately apart from taking care Ryan full-time.Since MIL has started to work on her confinement job, I have to do my own cooking for dinner,been to wet market every weekend and of course have to do some house chores(mopping the living room + kitchen which is usually done by MIL when she is at home...Am I a bad Daughter-In-Law??).

I have not been touching my blog for the past few days since my last post on 10 Aug'09, the reason behind it is because I am addicted to SOMETHING. You might be wondering what's that??
'The Little Nyonya' Drama is the movie that I am addicted lately. I just can't wait till 7pm and sit down in front of TV to catch up this Spore drama...Very Touching story about Nyonya & Baba Life in Spore & Malacca.I fall in love with this storyline..I managed to get this drama online via u-tube. Everynight I will spend about 1-2hrs to watch this drama online after dinner.I still have a few more episodes to go (now I am at episode-31)...before it comes to the end(total : 34 episodes).

Sorry for not dropping by all my friends' blog for the time being...Sure I will do it once I have finished with my drama.Not to forget to update my blog too.

For those who are interested to watch this drama, go to this link :
The Little Nyonya
or you can catch up at Astro AEC 7pm Monday-Friday.