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Thursday, May 30, 2013

At last the Day comes....to us

After been waiting and waiting,at last we are now on holiday mood. We do not travel to any part of the town,just have a good rest at home.

For me, I have some test papers(monthly test)to be marked and prepared the report card to be pass to my students the week after the Gawai Holiday.
I am pleased that my tuition class is off for a week too,so I can spend more time with Ryan and my hubby at home.
Of course, I did some spring cleaning for my house especially the window and door and some spider webs start to hanging on the ceiling , they need to be clear too. Not to forget, I also get myself busy in the kitchen....doing some baking and cooking.

orange butter cake( in small cup)

 Before the school holiday, our school celebrated Teacher's Day on 23 May'13, it was mt first time celebrating Teacher's Day with all students.Parents brought lot of food to share among the kids and teachers. Some parents even gave a gift to teachers. And this is what I received .....

For Ryan, this school holiday is really a relaxing day. Basically he just spend time on playing games, watching TV, doing some homeworks (given by mummy), napping, playing with toys and doing some colouring.
Sometimes I will brought him for a walk...we did window and grocery shopping together, we enjoyed it so much.

On top of that, I also received a few prizes from contest that I won.
from AAF - facebook (guess , what is it?)

from MPH bookstore - facebook (guess,what is this?)

Win from mother's day contest - Thanks Wenn

 Guys,....so how do your spend your holiday ??? going for overseas trip?? or just laze at home like me??

Monday, May 20, 2013

Can't wait for school holiday

Lately I was kinda busy and hardly have a free time to surf net , watch TV or even do some baking in my kitchen....why?
The answer is : started from this month May, I work half day during weekdays (from Mon-Frid) as a playgroup teacher. It is my first experience teaching young children ,it is fun although feel tiring at the end of the day.
Of course, I have to wake up slightly earlier every morning to prepare breakfast for 3 of us, send Ryan off to school and drive to work before 7.30am.

The best part that I like this kindee is it follows the government school holiday. Unlike some other kindee, they do not do so.
At least when Ryan is on school holiday, I am off from work too and we get to spend more time together. Both of us can't wait for this coming school holiday...we are counting off the days.

As for my tuition, I will have a break for one week too....at last, I can have a good rest at home.
So far, we have no plan for any holiday trip yet. so probably we just spend our quality time together at home.

..................to be continue >>>>>>

Monday, May 6, 2013

His second winning

Last week on 1st May (which was a Labour Day), I brought Ryan to join a colouring contest at one of the kindee in our town ( just for fun ). We reached there quite early and it was started around 8.30pm and lasted for about 2 hours.
The weather was so hot,but lucky for those kindee level, it was held inside the classroom (equipped with fans). Since the location is not near to my house, I just waited there till Ryan finish his colouring.

This is the result....can win or not?....

After that, we have to wait for the result out from the oven. We were being entertained with some games while waiting for the result.
After waiting for an hour.......the most tension part came.....


Ryan 's name was called , he is one of the consolation prize winner for this contest. He received a box of Buncho oil pastel.

Well done, boy....

Ryan received his prize

Taken with other consolation prize winners