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Friday, March 4, 2011

No school for today

Today is Friday and why no school..it is also not a public holiday...why why?
Yesterday morning, when I was about of getting Ryan ready for school, i noticed his left eye were red, but he did not complain about pain and feel uneasy to see things,so I still let him go to school as normal. Throughout that whole morning, I was so worried about Ryan..whether his eyes will be swollen,become more redness,etc....(a worried mom).
But lucky when I fetched him back from school, no swollen but his eyes still look red.
At night,after taking our dinner, I decided to sent him to Dr.Law for check-up, I was so worry something has happened to his eyes.
After been waiting for more than half an hour, at last it was Ryan's turn and he got eyes drop and eye ointment to apply on his eyes.
I prayed hard that the next morning (which is today), Ryan's eyes will get better. But to my suprised, his right eye started to get red and swollen. I am wondering what is going on actually.I can see both side of his eyes are still in red...so I decided to let Ryan rest well at school..stay indoor and has less direct contact with dust and outside air.

This is his first time Ryan experiencing red and swollen eyes....hope will recover soon!!