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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Monday, June 29, 2009

Pitted Prunes

Ryan has been fancy of eating 'Sunsweet pitted prunes' since last month.Everyday after breakfast, he will have 1 piece and after dinne will have another 1 piece. He will say " hei hei prune(it means black colour prune)" and pointed the cabinet where I keep the prune inside.
Sunsweet prunes are full of vitamins and minerals.Prunes are plum full of antioxidants - and may slow the aging process in both body and brain. They also have long been known to be a good source of fiber and as a nutrient-rich fruit with multiple health benefits.
Check this out for more recipes on Prunes ~ http://www.sunsweet.com/recipes/prunes.asp

Saturday, June 27, 2009

ABC Pasta

Have been thinking of what to cook for Ryan's lunch today...suddenly I remembered this ABC pasta. Dig out my fridge, have tomatoes,sausage & carrot & other vegetables.

Ok...let's make ABC Pasta for Ryan with tomatoes,sausage,carrot and big onion. I bought Mushroom Pasta sos a few weeks ago ... time to use it up.I cooked 2 plates of pasta,for me n for Ryan. I am so happy that Ryan like to eat Pasta(same with me,Pasta mania). We finished up the pasta within 20 mins.....Feel so full!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another Attack ***

My nose was feeling itchy last night...Juz wondering will the flu virus attacking me again?? My body is getting weaker nowadays,easily attacking by flu virus(every month will have flu). Probably I am lacking in consuming Vit C.
Bit of running nose this morning(not worse condition)... will consume my medicine after having my breakfast later.
Hope I will be fine soon as I need to take care Ryan full-time & I don't want the virus transferred to him.

Wish myself have a speedy recovery!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

See **** What am I busy about ??

What is my little son doing in front of his daddy's laptop??

I noticed Ryan know how to climb up to the chair by himself lately and sit in front of the laptop playing with the keyboard,normally he always sit at our lap while we are surfing nets.......Lastnight while his daddy was surfing nets, he said 'Ryan Ryan' insisted that he wanted to surf nets too. Okie~~...let him be the little blogger for awhile before asking him to sleep. He pretended to be a typist....kept pressing the keyboard and accidentally the screen appeared a DOG,
Ryan said : " ooh ooh-ooh ooh " (he means a dog is barking).I quickly walked to the laptop to take a look on what is on the screen. That is really a dog on the laptop screen making some cute expression.

I better pay xtra attention to Ryan in case he climb up the chair when I am not at his side next time.(scared he will fall down and knock on the table).

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dry Scallop & Cauliflower Porridge

It has been long time I never blog about Ryan's meal.Today I cooked Dry Scallop & Cauliflower porridge for Ryan as his breakfast & lunch.Dry scallop has added nice aroma and sweetness to the porridge.Added some carrots to make the porridge looks perfect and yummy.

Cauliflowers are a great fiber source.It is also a perfect source of B vitamin, which having an important part in cell growth and replication, especially for expecting mothers and for people on recovery from illness.In a short words, cauliflower is a perfect choice when you need to maintain your body healthy and also to strengthen the immune system.

On top of the porridge, I added some egg omelettes.Ryan loves it so much, he can somply finish up the porridge within 15 mins.

A simple yet delicious meal for my little Ryan.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Robot ** Robot

Lastnight after dinner, we all sat at living room watch Doraemon (Ryan's favo cartoon). In between,there was a Petronas Advertisement on Transformer Robots. Ryan was so happy and kept say 'papa,robot robot'. After the show ended, he kept say ' robot robot ' and pull his daddy's hand, wanna go out buy robot. OMG *** Ryan is fancy of new toy again.
No Choice...we went to town area and at last I bought him ' Dark Rider Batman ' for him (cheap cheap one RM6 only for 5 pcs).Ryan was so happy and showed his daddy his new robot.Is it a robot??? ~~ Ryan likes them alot. He even slept with his robot lastnight.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Gifts from Dyrpers

Received msn message from my friend Agnes Khoo lastweek that my tips(3 tips) were published at Drypers Parents Circle Jan-Mar'09(lastime known as Consumers Voice). Subsequently, I also received a phone call from SCA that they were going to send me some diapers as a token of appreciation for my tips. I actually can't remember clearly when I submitted my tips coz Drypers has stopped sending the Consumers Voice for more than 6 mths.Of course, I am so happy to receive this good news.No need to buy diapers for this few mths.

Here is the big parcel that I received yesterday afternoon ... super fast I have received the gifts from Drypers.

After Ryan has taken his nap, I opened up the parcel and the content of the parcel:
6 packs of XL7 Drypantz + 3 packs of XL20 Drypers Wee Wee + 2 story books + 1 sticker book.

Thank you so much to SCA for sending me this gifts...I will continue to support in their Milestone Program and Drypers Parents Circle.

SCA - tollfree : 1800 88 9988(weekdays 9am-5pm)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

28 mths old...

Another month has passed and Ryan has reached his 28 months old milestone. Ryan is an active boy,everyday the house is full of his laughters.
*He can speak lot of words nowadays and sometimes will even copycat mommy/daddy's words.Everynight he will even sing a song(his own creation song)or nagging(sometimes dunno say what) before dozed off.
*Will get ready his own bed everynight.Take pillow,Pooh Bolster(actually is mommy's one..now has passed it to Ryan since he likes it),blanket.
*Will give a goodnight kisses to mommy & daddy everynight.
*Have a good memory(never promise him anything as a trick , he will keep asking u to fulfill the promise).
*Like to go jalan-jalan..once mommy said"ryan,go gai-gai",he will faster grab his shoes and wanna put on,then open the door straightly.
*Like to eat ice-cream(seldom give him - eat too much is not good).Normally will put ice-cream into a bread like a sandwich ice-cream.
*Like to play car,plane,colouring.
*At last,can ride his bicycle after trying for half a year(nextime will snap some pic while he is riding his bicycle).
*Like to play with his horse riding (Ryan will always say' yau yau yau ').
*Like to watch Doraemon/Barney/Pattycake vcds.
*Like to watch tv advertisements.

!!!Mommy and Daddy love Ryan so much!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sick .... Sick .... Sick

Again....Ryan falls sick. Yesterday I noticed he kept sniffing,but then no running nose at all. So I did not let him take the flu medicine. This morning after wakeup, I noticed he has running nose and also sniffed a few times. Lucky he is quite cooperative taking the medicine. Then proceed with breakfast (corn+pumpkin porridge). No shower for Ryan today as here is raining day.Appetite is no change and still active like normal. Keep say " eh eh eh" (referring to'shoes')...he wants to go jalan-jalan.
What I can say is that Ryan is not a homely boy...

Hope Ryan will recover soon.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What is Ryan doinnnnng ???

Two days ago..after Ryan was having his shower around 6pm plus...I applied body lotion n minyak kayu putih n put on baju for him.After everything is done, he grabbed the J&J baby lotion n kept say 'halo halo halo'. Aiyo.... he is pretending the baby lotion as a Handphone.Dunno he wants to call who(***hahaha***).
I faster grab my camera to snap this funny action....but Ryan was kept moving here n there, So far only 1 picture that have better capture (bit blur).
Baby Lotion bottle also can replace a handphone ????

Monday, June 1, 2009

Baby Online Store

Let's drop by http://mycheekyboo.com/ for varieties of parenting products for babies and moms at affordable prices.
In conjuction of the launching of My Cheeky Boo online store, they are having a give away. Prize is a gift voucher of Rm20 to shop at My Cheeky Boo to 3 lucky winners.

Simple steps to follow:-
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Happy shopping and good luck to all my friends!!