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Saturday, October 2, 2010

New Toy and New Sandal..

Ryan has been fancied on animal toy lately and yesterday he went back home with a
small tiger toy(That tiger toy is belong to school and I only knew he went put inside his bag when we reached home...Has reminded him not to bring back any toys belong to school..or else it will be a very bad habit).

So....today I decided to buy him an animal toy( a reward for being good boy at home), after fetching him back from school, we have our lunch at home first before heading to nearby supermarket to get the toy.
At first, Ryan took the animal toy and said " I want this",got lion,tiger,etc...but a moment later,
he felt more interested in the fishing set which hang on the rack and they are few type of fishing game set. At last , I asked him which one he prefer : fishing set or animal toy?.....
You guess.....what he want?....He said " I want fishing set", can play later which having his bath.
Okie..since he prefer the fishing set, he chose one of it and we went to cashier for payment.

Before we walked to the car, we passed by a small section which are having sales...everything in RM10 and it was crowded,but I managed to squeeze in and I saw this Mickey sandal...so cute, actually I have seen this sandal before in the Sunday Market,but then I did not buy it.
Lucky, I never buy that time because now the supermarket is selling even cheaper with the same design and material.(looks like crocs,but not crocs la..).I let Ryan try and he also like it.
Therefore, I Got a pair of new Mickey sandal for Ryan and I choose bigger size since current sandal he is wearing is in fine condition.

I did saw some t-shirt and short pant on sales too,but it was too crowded and I prefer to go back there again tomorrow morning myself,without Ryan.I can shop easily with Ryan tagging along.
So..tomorrow will be another shopping day for me.
**Happy weekend**