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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

" Sand Castle and Christmas Tree "

I am back...after MIA for 3 weeks,at last I have time to update my blogs.

I have been busy with daily routine and was fall sick last few days(sore throat,fever and body-ache).
Today I feel much more better,just need to drink plenty of water to make my
throat feels comfortable.

Let's go back to the topic...It is another backdated post about Ryan's
My husband has been buying MacDonalds Set Meal just to collect the McD World Cup Contour Glass,for 5 consecutive weeks and he also bought 2 sets for each week.
The set meal came with ice-cream sundae and I kept all the ice-cream cups for
Ryan to play(as his toys).
Ryan has been using them to play bowlings,create sandcastle,christmas tree,etc...
Whatever he can think of,he will do it.So I just let him play around with the Mcd cup and see him play happily, I also feel happy.

Let's the picture do the talking now.......

**Sand castle**

**Christmas tree**

Do they look like SandCastle and Christmas Tree?
For sure...Ryan will say "YES".....