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Monday, May 21, 2012

Something "Hot" from my kitchen..

Yesterday, I was craving for curry chicken ...I found a pack of Mini  Ketupat in my kitchen. Got all the ingredients ready and started cooking my curry chicken. This time I use a pack of Amway curry chicken paste (given by MIL).
I added lot of potatoes into my curry (both me n husband love to eat potatoes).
While cooking the curry, I cooked the mini ketupat .It is definitely best to be served with a bowl of warm curry for our dinner.
Last night, I did not eat rice for dinner, I just walloped those mini ketupat for dinner and even for my supper. Taste good and "Hot". One thing make me curious....why my curry chicken was spicy,while last time my MIL was using the same paste,but it did not taste spicy at all. So strange...??

*sorry for the blurr pic.......