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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Monday, September 29, 2008

My new shoes

My leg is getting bigger as I grow up, so mommy decided to get me a new shoes. It is hard to get a nice shoes for Ryan as his leg is big size.This shoes is pretty cheap (RM15) and has a light "blink blink" if I step it.

Free Gift from Scott's Emulsion

Last week, while I was doing my grocery shopping, my eyes saw this free gift from Scott's Emulsion, a water bottle.Since Ryan has been taking it everyday, so I just grab another bottle to keep stock @home.No rugi to buy since it comes with free gift.

Gift from Auntie Ann

Thank you to my MP buddy Ann for sending me the Mamypoko Taiwan with Mickey character.

Let's go Gai Gai...

Who want to tumpang my car???Dun worry about the safetyness,my daddy will guide me at my side.Ryan is so happy that he can hold on to the car stirring and go BRRooMM BRRooMM.