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Monday, February 16, 2009

Hillpark Sibolangit @ Medan

Backdated post : 20/12/2008

On 20th Dec'08, we went to Hillpark Sibolangit with my sister's family. We reached Hillpark around 11plus...we stopby nearest rumah makan for our lunch(eat malay food .... yummy yummy).
It is our 1st time been to Hillpark, a big playground with different kinds of games for kids and adults to play. The entrance fee is not tat expensive, but each time you want to play, have to pay for the individual fee (tats the expensive part). Ryan felt happy...walk here n there. Let Ryan sit the merry-go-round train & horse. After playing for about 3 hours, we headed back to Medan.
From Medan - Hillpark, it took about 1 1/2hours drive ... the amusement park is not 100% completed yet. Will visit there again in my next holiday trip to Medan in Dec'09.

Holiday Trip to Medan @Changi Airport

Backdated post : 11/12/2008

Last year we went back to Medan on 11 Dec'08. We went to Spore for holiday about a week,then back to Medan together with my sis n BIL. My sis came to pick us up @5am. That's very very early for Ryan to wake up...no choice our Valuair flight to Medan was 7.30am. That morning, I on the room light & woke up Ryan. Make some milk for him .. it is not good go airport with empty stomach as our trip back to Medan will take 1 hr 5 mins from Spore.

After check - in, we snapped some pictures before departing to Medan. We did not really walk around the Changi Airport, I believe there were wonderful X'mas deco at that point of time. We were in rush too. Ryan was busy pushing the trolley & refused to be hold, wanna walk by himself.
He was getting excited for his holiday trip to Medan .... can't wait to meet my family members there.

Happy Holiday !!

Hubby's Birthday

backdated post : 12/12/2008

My hubby's birthday was fall on 12th Dec ... last year, we did not invited my family for dinner.I just bought a cake for hubby. Simple celebration...no gift for hubby as well. We were back to Medan (my hometown) during tat time.
That afternoon, I went to Clover Cake Shop to buy a cake (can't remember wat kind of cake I bought)..at night, we blow candle and not to forget snapped some pictures with my family members(only with my mum,my 2nd brother,2nd SIL & my little niece YiXin).

Happy Birthday my Dear !!

My Sunday

Yesterday was Sunday....off day for hubby. So after Ryan woke up & taken his breakfast+shower, we went to Courts jalan-jalan.On way back home, we dropped by a ShowHouse.
We reached home around 1pm.Then we took our lunch, i cooked Bak kut teh soup, we ate with meesuah. Yesterday I cooked Sweet Potato porridge for Ryan.
Around 2pm, Ryan took his nap while I was busy preparing vege for dinners. I just stir-fried brocoli with sausages for the dinner plus Bak Kut Teh soup.
Ryan woke up at 5.30pm....then I saw hubby rushed to toilet...juz wondering what happened to him. OMG ..... he was vomitting, should be some gastric problem again. His face getting pale after vomitting for few times. I decided to bring hubby to a doct(24hrs emergency) while Ryan was taking care by MIL. Ryan has been sticked to me all the time, by the time he doesn't see me around, he will call 'ma ma ma' and getting fussy. No choice, MIL has to bring him go jalan-jalan again.

We reached home around 8plus, after hubby took his medicine, he rest in the bedroom.Ryan is a good boy, he did not kacau his daddy while he was having his rest. Ryan was playing n watching TV(one million star-season 3) till 10pm,of course, with my company.

At 10pm, I brought him to the bedroom...time for his Dreamland.After drinking milk and changing pyjama,I companied him sleep till next morning.

***Sweet Dream.....***
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