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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I started to get nervous...as year 2011 is coming forward....Why Why Why?...
I am getting nervous because this coming 3 Jan,2011 Ryan will be entering his new school, another new environment for him and I pray hard that he will be able to adapt well in his new school.
Yesterday, I brought Ryan along to his new school to get some books,uniforms,sports wear and school bag. It is totally a new place for him...a new teacher, new classroom,new friends....everything is NEW to him.
I remembered well when I first entered Ryan for his nursery class this year 2010, it took about a month for him to adapt well and get himself feel comfortable with his environment. That experience really give me a hard time and I don't wish to get same experience again for this coming year.
For this whole month, I keep telling Ryan that he will be going to another new school and sometimes, I even drove by the school to show him whether exactly it is. He seem looks fine with it and telling me that 'he is a big boy now and have to go to big school'.

I guess I put too much pressure on myself..that's make me become so nervous and full of worries.
Any of you experience this kind of situation when your kid go to school for the very first time?
Let's share your thoughts with me...