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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Aeroplane Toy

Lastnite I planned to give Ryan a new toy..its an aeroplane, a present from Medan's grandma. Daddy fixed for him at nite & Ryan seem curious when he saw the plane turn here N there in the bedroom.There is a sound when the plane is moving around. Ryan looked Ok wif the plane's sound. Around 10pm, Daddy played with Ryan and Daddy "ON" the plane remote ...... Ryan cried loudly when he heard the sound. I faster hug Ryan N he managed to calm down , then started to smile to Daddy n Mummy. As we are going to Spore and Medan next month, I want Ryan to get used to the plane sound in advance. So this morning after taking his porridge, I tried to "ON" the plane remote .... Ryan cried again when he heard that sound. It make me so worry that he seem dun get used to the plane sound .I will keep trying to let Ryan get used to the plane sound day by day. I told myself not to give up and must do it slowly....***

Free Diaper Sample

Free diaper sample from Pet Pet, Fitti Soft Comfort, Drypers N Drypantz (size L),will give a try to Ryan**