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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Shocking News...

This morning, while I was driving, I heard that an SMS was in to my mobile. After parking my car at the nearby supermarket, I read my SMS and it was from one of my friend in Penang. She was asking me about my best buddy's father news....
I did know that my best buddy's (Bren) father was sick last few days and the condition was not that good. I do hope miracle will happened,but unfortunately.....I got this shocking news that Bren's dad has passed away this morning. I was so sad :(...

I know that my buddy needs my support at this moment,but unfortunately, I am not going back to my hometown for the month of December.
I will get my brother to arrange for funeral flower for my buddy's family.

My deepest condolances to Brenda's family.....Be strong,girl!!

Fyi, Bren and I are classmate from primary till senior high school. We used to play together during our childhood. So our friendship was more than 20 over years...although we are not living in the same country now,but we also keep in touch with each other and when we have chance to meet up at our hometown, we will have a small gathering.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Back to School..

Today is the third day Ryan is back to school again. Last Friday, I sent him back to school since he looked pretty fine at home for the past few days.
I really hope he will be fine at school (I am very concern about his health). Giving him some vitamins to boost up his immune system,control his food intake (no junk food,biscuits and those fried food). Hope all my hard work will avoid him from getting tonsilitis.
Since Ryan was having tonsilitis very often, I never cook fried food,most of the time just stir-fried or steaming. It is more healthy.

After full consideration, we decided to send Ryan for his nursery class in December instead of
let him rest well at home for that whole month.
We are so worried that he will get lazy if were just stay at home for one full month.
I noticed that Ryan has been singing Christmas songs this few days...he must be learning them
from school...Do hope the school will engage Christmas Party for the kids since Ryan has missed out the last Mooncake festival party.

Christmas is on the way and this year, I will not going back to my hometown,Medan. Bit sad:(..
This is also my first time staying in Sibu for the month of december since I married to my husband. For sure, I am looking forward for my next trip to Medan..that will be in April 2011.
Can't wait for this DAY to come.....

Friday, November 26, 2010

Snooker Table...

So happy.....Not me,but Ryan because he has a new toy "snooker table".

When I saw this snooker table, I like it too because it is very cute and very fun playing
with this new toy. Lastnight,we were playing almost whole night after our dinner.
Of course, Ryan does not know how to play and he only want to play on his own way,
So let him be..as long as he is happy and enjoy the game..it is fine for me.

Both me and his daddy taught him the right way to play..but he refused to follow and
he said " No,......that is wrong...., it should be played like this ",then his daddy gave up and let him play alone. So mummy is always his best accompany when comes to playing toys.

Actually, I don't really know how to play real snooker.. *phaisei*,but if not mistaken, have to use the white ball to kick the rest of the ball into the hole....correct me if I am wrong?

Let's see how long can Ryan stick to this new toy " snooker table ",normally after playing for few days, he will start to get bored and will leave that toy aside. That's kid,easily get bored over their toys...Is that happened to your child too?

Thanks Grandma(my mil) for this pressie..

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Cremation Jewelry

Ever heard of cremation jewelry?... I guess some of you may know about this. For me, It is something new, I only found out about this interesting stuff this afternoon while I was browsing some websites and I saw a link about cremation jewelry. Feeling curious to know more details....
I spent about half an hour to read through the information. Very useful !!

After browsing through this website....Wow Wow...it is something unique and sure I want my children to do it for me when I leave this beautiful world one day. ** Hope my children will read this post **

For those who has no idea on what I am talking about... A Simple introduction on this unique jewelry will definitely give you a better idea.
Cremation jewelry is a jewelry to keep our loved one's ashes. Nowadays, it has become one of the popular way to memorialize our loved one. It comes in different forms like pendant,ring, bracelet and those not only for human being,but also applicable for our pets.
For your information, some of these cremation jewelry can be worn or for home display purpose.

Thanks for the concern..

Firstly, Thank you so much for the kind concern... Ryan has recovered .. at least no more fever since yesterday and he is back to his active life and eat as normal.
But I still put him at home for the time being to make sure he is fully recovered before I send him back to school.
Another 5 days will be the end of the month of November and I am thinking whether to let Ryan continue his nursery class for the month of December.
I feel heartpain when I saw him fall sick almost every month and for the past two months, he was having tonsilitis very often. I have been paying extra attention on his food consumption...no junk food, no fried food, no biscuits...* all those heaty food are out from his food list*,but then he still easily get tonsilitis.

My husband 's cousin recommended "Propolis" to improve his immune system and I have started on Ryan since last week. Hope it works for Ryan.

Should I let Ryan go for nursery class in December....or just let him rest well at home for that whole month before he starts his Pre-K in January 2011 (that will be at another new school).

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Not A good Sign...

Yesterday morning, I noticed Ryan is not getting active like normal,but then no fever sign.As usual, i let him go to school.
When I fetched him back from school, He is still active and finished up his lunch.
Only after awhile, I felt his forehead is bit warm,...slight fever and faster feed him Fever medicine....That whole afternoon his fever remained at 37-37.2, only around 8pm,I noticed his fever was bit up to 37.8,fed him another dose of fever medicine. He was still active and played around till 11pm. Of course, no school for the next day.
Actually Ryan just recovered less than 2 weeks from fever & tonsilitis,...so I really hope this time not that serious.
This morning,his fever has subsided and he back to his normal, I have to keep monitoring his
condition and hope his fever won't be back again.
Everytime when Ryan has fever...I was like having 'heart attack'...full of worries and can't sleep well for whole night.

Get well soon, Ryan !!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

* Book Love Me giveaway *

This morning, I was doing blog hopping and I came across something interesting at Cynthia's blog. She is blogging about this Book Love Me Giveaway..Oh....not to think twice, I quickly click on the link and wanna join this giveaway contest too.

For those of you who are interested to join, quickly hop over to BlogLoveMe for more information.

This giveaway contest is open for both Malaysian and International winner.(not bad oh...)
Closing date : 8 Dec 2010...Hurry up !!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Some prizes...

Another backdated post...I supposed to upload it few days ago,but then camera was not at home,..so has to delay till today.
Some of the prizes that I received last week ... Very happy :)

I joined a bread stencil giveaway organized by Mummy blogger Jessica last month and to my suprise , I am one of the winner for the bread stencil. So happy when I saw the good news at Jessica's blog.

Thanks Jessica!!

Second prize is from Antabax. Let's click on this link for more details on Antabax product.
I am an active member in Facebook and when there is any contest/campaign going on, I will try to join if possible.
How am I getting those freebies from Antabax?....Please refer here for more details. And you guys definitely not late to join this campaign.

I would like to say Thanks to Antabax for the prize.

Third prize is from Eternity Malaysia...I did blog about this good news last week and few days ago , I received the prize from courier service.
Thanks Eternity Malaysia !!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Our first visit to National Library

I have been wanted to bring Ryan to Sibu National Library,but it was kept postponed due to Ryan fall sick for the past two weeks. Today, he looks so fresh in the morning and I decided to bring him to the library to see and borrow some books home.
It was my second visit to National library since I came to Sibu 6 years ago. My first visit to this library was about 4 years ago.Any changes in the library...not all all, still the old design.
Kalah teruk with those National Library in Singapore....only has one counter for registration, borrowing and returning section.
When I entered the library, I saw long queue at all the 3 sections...I faster brought Ryan to the children 's section and started to look for nice story books for him. Ryan was busy looking for books but after a while, he seem get bored. Lots of old story books and some are bit complicated for Ryan to read and understand. I can sense that Ryan started to feel boring....and I am right, in the next few seconds, he told me "mummy, we go home ya".
Then I said " wait for a while, Ryan"...mummy looked for some nice books for you,then we go home. We were in the library for about 30 mins only, and I managed to find 5 short story books for Ryan.
Since I was not a Malaysian, I checked with the registration counter whether I can join as their member or not and lucky, the lady said "ok". Another 10 minutes for registration(pretty slow service) and paid Rm9 for registration fee. I will only get my library card on my next visit. For the time being, the lady only issue me a receipt for my own record.
Ryan was happy...at last can go back home. and it was almost lunch time also...I rushed back home and cooked simple lunch for 3 of us.

Probably Ryan has not get used to the library environment as it was his first visit to the library.
But frankly speaking, I prefer to go there myself,..at least I can see the books freely and it takes lot of time to find a suitable books to borrow.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Business Directory

Due to high living standard,there is a need for me to look for a job to earn extra money for my family. After being a full-time housewife since I gave birth to my son, probably now is the time for me to join the workforce again...Hopefully, I am not out from this society world which I have left for the past 4 years.
Not easy to get a suitable job,but I am telling myself,not to give up. As long as I have strong determination, sure I can do it.
While surfing online for some job vacancies, I came across this Business Directory which provide very useful information of different business links like accouting, finances,jobs,and so on.
I have bookmarked this website and will hop on to this website for my future references.
It is my pleasure to share this useful information with my bloggers' friends here.


Not a good day for me because Ryan was sick again last Saturday..This time , he was having throat infection + fever Again(exactly same last 2 weeks ago's sickness).
What happened is last saturday I still sent him to school as he did not show any sickness symptons in the morning, no calls from teacher for the whole morning...only when I fetched him around noon time, I could sense Something has happened to Ryan again as he looks weak and no mood. He did not even touched the food I prepared for him and no smile on his face when he saw me at school(which is not his usual act).
Faster rush back home and BINGO...he has no appetite to eat for lunch..only few scoops of noodles and a bowl of barley water. Fed him fever + antibiotic(which he is supposed to have it ...an advice from doc to finish the whole bottle of antibiotic). That Saturday, Ryan has a quick nap. He woke up around 2 pm....still has slight fever, no mood. Then he got back to sleep again....and around 3.40pm...his fever started to shoot up. Not to wait, faster rush him to doctor since the doct clinic is closing at 4.30pm. Just drove out from home less than 3 minutes, Ryan vomitted inside the car....aiyah...has to rush back home to get him changed...Lucky my mil was at home and lastly she accompanied me and Ryan to the clinic. No more vomitting session inside the car...
Doctor was curious to saw Ryan again and asking me what happened to Ryan? I told him..should be throat infection + fever. Doct said ...Ryan's throat is swollen + red and it is bit weird that he will get it as he is still taking the antibiotic. Ryan suggested to let Ryan has an injection for speedy recovery as he got the same sickness within a week time...pretty short duration. And this time, the throat looks more teruk..So ryan was having an injection + suppository as his fever has reached 39 at that point of time. Ryan was having the same medicine as his last 2 weeks ago....and I have to monitor his condition closely...there is possibility to come back for 2nd injection if no recover sign after 24 hours.

At saturday midnight, as expected fever came back on and off....12midnight, I gave him a suppository as fever started to shoot up and followed by fever medicine at 3am. Then he slept till next morning and woke his daddy up at 7.10am. Have his milk and he looked slightly better. The whole sunday morning, he looked fine...we just stayed at home for whole sunday..no outing.
Around 11am...his fever started to come back...slight fever 37.4, faster fed him another dose of fever medicine and Ryan was having porridge for his lunch(glad that he likes porridge suddenly...no rejection and showed good appetite).He can play as normal.....
Only after waking up from his nap....has slight fever,that was around 5pm...another dose of fever medicine, then he looked active and even joined his daddy washing the car at the yard.
During dinner time, he can eat as normal (rice + fish+ vegetable)....and I was monitoring his condition very closely. Have to wake up every hour to monitor his body temperature.

For this whole month, Ryan will be resting well at home ( as per doctor's advices ) for 100 % recovery,before he started his school routine. So it means I will be busier at home for this whole month entertaining Ryan 24/7.

Hope Ryan will get well soon.....!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

"Surprisingly Surprise Appreciation"

Last night, I was googled around with my Facebook account and suddenly I noticed a post from Eternity Malaysia about "suprisingly surprise appreciation".

I was curious ... what is it about...? So I clicked on that link and scroll down....then suddenly I saw my name and picture is there...Oh, I was so happy because I got myself Kracie Ichikami Hair Treatment (200g).

Get some info about this product :

Description:Kanebo ICHIKAMI Treatment is based on the herbal hair treatment adopted by the ancient Japanese. Botanical ingredients are contained to repair and hydrate damaged hair. Hair becomes stronger and more resilient. 2 natural treatment oils, Rice Oil and Walnut Oil, are added to leave hair velvety smooth with healthy glow.

How to use it:After shampooing, dispense a proper amount to palm. Massage into dampened hair for 1-2 minutes. Rinse off thoroughly.

Ingredients:Blackberry Lily Extract Rice Grain Juice Extract Camellia Extract Rice Oil Walnut Oil

Country of origin:Japan

I have sent out my details to the Eternity Malaysia admin and looking forward to receive this hair treatment.

For those who has not joined Eternity Malaysia fans page at facebook...Hurry up, let's join!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ryan @45 months old...

Another 3 more months Ryan will be 4 years old....

It has been long time I never update on Ryan's milestones progress and let's me recall back
any new development on Ryan @ 45 months old.

1. more independent nowadays....but there is also time whereby will ask for Mummy's help.
He just like to manja with mummy...so what to do...mummy has to entertain him too because sayang Ryan.

2. can hold pencils in the right way and has started to write numbers in Mandarin.
Sametime mummy is learning those mandarin words together with Ryan as Mummy is a @banana@...mummy can only speak simple mandarin,no writing and reading for Mandarin words.
Lots more to go for Mummy and Ryan in learning Mandarin words...

3. like to follow anywhere mummy and daddy is going,unless mummy and daddy are going to doctor,then he won't join.
No choice...has to let him join,or else, he will cry and show sad face.

4. like to read story books.
It has been routine that every night Ryan will grab his story books and flip them over before
going to sleep.

5. a good helper at home.
Ryan likes to help mummy at home...a little helper,but everytime he does help,mummy become
more busier. But mummy always appreciate his little helps.

6. start to like eating banana and papaya again.

7. like to drink chinese herbal soup (those black in colour).
Ryan does not really like to drink soup during his meal,but when come to this black chinese herbal soup, he can finish up one whole soup without mummy asking him to drink soup.

8. very concern about Mommy and Daddy.
Everytime when mummy or daddy are driving a car and he saw other car started to get close to our car, he will shout " mummy/daddy, becareful",drive slowly. Good boy, Ryan !!

That's all I can think of about Ryan's development....

Lastly, Ryan will be finishing his Nursery class this coming December and next year January 2011,Ryan will be entering Pre-Kindee and today I have registered him to Tadika Rejang Park(his daddy's ex- kindee). Hope Ryan can adapt well in his new kindee next year as it will be a new environment and new friends for him.

And not to forget,Mummy and Daddy hope Ryan stay healthy and happy always!!