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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sore Throat - little updates

As off today, my throat slightly gets better,at least, I don't feel so pain when I swallowed food.
Last night, my hubby got me coke with salt, 100 plus with salt, adem sari and my kind MIL gave me herbal tea. I drank all within a night and the magic works for me. This morning, the pain is getting lesser.
I knew,that is not the end yet and I still need to drink plenty of water and continue with my home remedy. So tonight, my hubby got me a cup of coke with salt.
Frankly speaking, I hardly had fried food and junk food,i guess is the curry fish that I cooked last week make me get this terrible sore throat.No one to blame...I have to blame myself for not drinking enough water for the past few days. It is a lesson for me and more second time as the pain is terrible.

Just to add, I was super busy this whole week as I am moving to my new house(@Sun Garden) on 23 July 2011. Followed the Foochow's tradition, it meant on 23 July early morning( after 12 midnite tomorrow ), 3 of us ( hubby, Ryan & I ) will be staying in our new house for the very first time. And Ryan will have to skip his replacement class on Saturday.
As there is no phone line yet in my new house housing area, I might consider to get a broadband service temporary. I can't imagine my life without an internet.....oh gosh, don't think I can take it.

Stay tuned for next posts...