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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Steamed Egg Cake

Last weekend, I have my third attempt to make steamed egg cake. I love eating steamed egg cake,not oily and the taste is great.
Since I don't have 7up and orange juice, I just substitute with 100plus and I also add few drops of vanilla essence. The aroma of the cake is great.

The recipe of steamed egg cake :

Ingredient :
125gm all purpose flour (i use cake flour)
150gm sugar
3XL eggs
1 tbsp concentrated orange juice (change to 100 plus)
1tbsp 7up (change to 100plus)

Method :
1. Sieved the flour and set aside
2. Combined the eggs and sugar,beat in high speed until foamy and fluffy.
3. Add 7up and orange juice (for my case, I add 100 plus),
Reduce the speed to low.
4. Mix the flour well and remove immediately after 10 rounds whips.
5. Steamed at high heat for approximately 30 mins.