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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Blog break

I will hav blog break 4 the whole month of dec'09,currently i m at medan (my hometown)with my son ryan n my hubby.i wil update my blog again nextyr Jan'10.STAY TUNE! Sametime i m looking 4 meet up wif my old classmates in medan n also gathering wif mp friends + blogger friends in kl**

Monday, November 30, 2009

Enfa Enfa .... in Action

Yesterday, we went to nearby supermarket Farley and just nice there is a promotion for Enfagrow & Enfakid product,free container for every RM88 purchase.
Ryan received free hat,balloon,owl mask & paper ruler from Enfa promoter.
After reached home, I realized why don't I buy few packs to keep stock since there is a free gift,thought of going to buy at night after dinner.Unfortunately, it was heavy rain outside.
Today I went there and no more promotion is going on...miss out good opportunity!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

One more Week To Go

Yeah .... one more week to go, at last I can go back my kampung again after been waiting for about 10 months. Three of us (me,hubby & Ryan) will be going back to Medan for about 3 weeks (2-27dec). Our flight from Sibu-KL supposed to be afternoon,but there is a change in the time and it makes us almost not able to catch up our connecting flight KL-Medan.
So, I called up Airasia call centre and request for change,I am glad that I can change my Sibu-KL to morning flight on 2 dec'09,it means we will reach KL around 11++am.We have to wait at LCCT for about 5 hours as our next flight from KL-Medan is 5.40pm.
Never mind, we can take our sweet time at LCCT,having our lunch and shop for some chocolates.
Coincidentally, my sister will be in the same flight with us too.She is with my BIL and her youngest dotter. So happy when I got her SMS that day telling me that she will be back to Medan on 2 dec'09 @5.40pm Airasia flight.It is our second time taking same flight back to Medan(last year Dec we also took same flight Valueair from S'pore-Medan).

On 27Dec'09, we will be going to Kuala Lumpur for 3 nights stay,have booked Tune Hotels,our first time staying at Tune Hotels.From the website,it looks not bad.I really hope the bedroom and the environment is comfortable like what is described at their website.
Have arranged for a gathering with my Mamypoko's buddies @ Mid Valley on 27dec'09 for dinner. That will be the first gathering with them(Nic,Ling,Violet,LT,Funn,Queenie) except Wanchin(have met her last year Dec,went to Singapore together).Really hope can meet all of them on that night.

We will be back to Sibu on 30dec'09 taking night flight.Hope I will have a chance to meet some of my bloggers' friends too.

Very excited now ......!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Singapore Mee Siam

Hubby was telling me that he was craving for Mee Siam the other day,so last weekend when I was out for grocery shopping, my eyes caught this Woh Hup Instant Mee Siam paste on the rack, faster grab a bottle and start to buy the ingredients needed.
I cooked the whole bottle of the mee siam paste for both of us,still have a little bit of leftover soup which I ate with Maggi mee the next day.

As for the ingredients of MeeSiam,I just make it simple : prawns & taupok & vermicelli.
Don't forget to add some lime juice into the soup before serving.
Both me and hubby really enjoyed our Mee Siam meal last weekend,of course, Ryan is having his home-cooked kampua Mee while his daddy and mummy were struggling with their spicy mee siam soup.Yummmy !!!

Another winning contest .....

It is a backdated post again,I almost forget to post it at my blog till tonight I was flipping through Parenthood Magazine Oct'09 edition and I saw Ryan's pic in there.
Yeah...Ryan win the 'happy holidays with Fiffy' picture contest.
Have received an email from Parenthood and will collect the gift in my Dec trip to KL.
So happy ... it is the second time Ryan pic was posted in Parenthood Magazine.

In addition, I also received an email from MUMCENTRE that Ryan won the PhotoBlog contest for the month of October.Not sure what is the prize for this time, will post it out once I have received the gift.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Gifts ***

Gift from SCA Drypers
I received three stars letter from the latest Drypers Parent Circle,so happy...can save $$ again,no need to buy diapers for Ryan.
This morning,courier service delivered a big parcel from SCA for me.
3 packs of Drypers Wee Wee (XL-20pcs),2 packs of Drypantz (XL-7pcs),2 story books and 1 hand puppet(squirrel).
Thank you so much SCA !!

Gift from TH's contest (a keychain and necklace)

Gift from Grandma (a small motorbike)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ryan @ 33 months old...

This is a backdated post again.
Ryan has reached 33 months old on 1 Nov 2009,another 3 more months he will be 3 years old.
Time flies very fast,Ryan has grown up to be a toddler,no longer a small baby.
Next year, I will sent Ryan for half-day nursery,it is time for him to get more friends and socialize with other kids.

*** we are looking forward for our December trip back to my Medan (2dec-27dec) and Kuala Lumpur (27dec-30dec).

Monday, November 9, 2009

Flu Bug again...

I was attacked by flu bug last few days,come along with sore throat.Lucky,today my throat is getting better and my flu is gone.Only sometimes my throat feel itchy(like coughing) especially in aircon room.
Now, the flu bug is attacking Ryan.He started to sniff and having runny nose yesterday.
After his breakfast,faster went to Dr.Law buy flu and fever medicine yesterday.
Tonight, Ryan feels better,he can play actively like normal and no more runny nose and sniffing.

Hope both me and Ryan will recover soon,as we will be on holiday trip back to my hometown Medan in the next 3 weeks.Counting down my days now......5 4 3 2 1....**

Thursday, November 5, 2009

MOBS and Little clothes contest giveaway

Another great contest for sharing with my blogger friends.

How to join? SUPER EASY !!

1. Be MOBS follower
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That's it !!!

5 lucky winners will be chosen using RANDOM.

Contest runs till 15th NOV 2009.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

All about food

Outdated post again and I have not been posting about food in my blog for quite some time.

1.Potatoes pancake

I came across this recipe by chance and since it is pretty simply to cook,so I tried it out last two weeks . Ryan likes to eat potatoes,so it will be a new dish for him to try out.
Not only Ryan loves to eat,either me and my hubby also like to eat this pancakes.

Let's me share the recipe :

4 potatoes peeled and shredded
2 eggs beaten
1 onion finely chopped
2 tbsp all purpose flour
salt & pepper
3 tbsp vegetable oil ( for frying )

1. Mixed all the above ingredients well except the vegetable oil.
2. Heat up the frying pan and scoup the batter in and fried till golden brown,served hot with tomato sauce & chilli sauce.

2. Ayam Pongteh
Ayam pongteh is one of the Nyonya dishes.I love to eat nyonya dishes/kueh,but never try to cook it myself.
I found this recipe while doing blog hopping and since the cooking steps are simple and the ingredients are easily available,so I tried to cook it over last weekend.
Taste is good,simple yet delicious meal for my family.

Let's me share the recipe:

1 whole chicken,chopped into pieces
4 shitake mushroom
4 shallots (grounded)
4 garlics (grounded)
2 tbsp fermented bean paste

seasoning :
1 tbsp sugar
dark soya sauce(optional)

1.Heat up oil,sauted the shallot & garlic till fragrant.
2.Add bean paste and chicken in,mixed them well. Also add bit of hot water and bring to boil.
3.Add in shitake mushroom.
4.Cook till the chicken meat becomes tender.Lastly add the seasoning in.
Served hot with steam rice.

3.Carrot porridge with steam egg & stir fried long bean

This is one of Ryan's favourite meal for lunch.He likes to eat steam egg and stir fried long bean.It will be the perfect meal for him since it contains vegetables and egg,nutrition meal for Ryan.

Win .... maggi gawai contest

This afternoon, received 2 envelopes from mr.postman,I am just wondering what is the content of the letter.Once I opened up, so happy to see there is one cheque on each envelope attention to my hubby.
Yeah...he won again Maggi Gawai Contest for this year,consolation prize.(i just my hubby's name to join this contest as I am not a Malaysian).
This is the second year he won the consolation prize from maggi gawai contest.
But I feel curious how come can have 2 cheques winning at one go....anyway, just banking the cheques into my hubby's account tomorrow as I know he only win one prize. Will it be a mistake??? don't be bother so much!(hahaha:)
Not a big prize, but still happy for this winning!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Bracelet Contest

Another great contest to join,that is : My Bracelet Contest, everyone can take part too.

This contest is held by MyHeart-e-shop.

The above bracelet costs RM14,because they are 14 beautiful stones on this bracelet.

My favo bracelet : B11 (RM18)

Wish everyone good luck and let's join this giveaway contest before 20 Nov,2009.

Jundeco Stickers Contest

Another Contest is going on now. so hurry up... Log on to MomBloggersPlanet to get more info about Jundeco Stickers contest. This contest is sponsored by Jundeco Stickers .

Don't miss out this chance.Hurry up join and maybe u are one of the lucky person...!!

Some info for sharing about this product :
Jundeco Stickers are self adhesive wall stickers designed to make your home beautiful in a jiffy. The wall stickers are imported from Korea and comes in many great designs. And, they’re so affordable and great alternative for wallpapers!!
I am quite interested with one of the Jundeco sticker under kid design (code : DS58387) which showed Winnie the Pooh picture.It was cute and suitable for my son's room for our new house.


My DressingBarn & My-Giveaway Contest

Wanna win a Victoria's Secret Cosmetic Pouch worth RM59.90...!!

Check this out at MyDressingBarn and My-Giveaway for more details about this contest.

Hurry up this contest will end on 31st Oct 2009.

Good luck everyone !!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Good news ......

On my previous post, I did blogged about Twins Happiness Giveaway Contest.
To my suprise, I was the winner of the HappyBirthday giveaway Contest.
When I saw my name there, I was so happy and I don't believe that I am so lucky.
That is my first time joining Giveaway Contest through blogger.

I am looking forward for the nice necklace to reach me soon..and thank you to TwinsHappiness for carrying out this giveaway contest and Hope will have another giveaway contest in future.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Twin Happiness Birthday Contest (end 18 Oct)

Let's joined a contest from
Twin Happiness

Just go to the above website and fill the condition
this lovely necklace might be yours.

Giveaway end on 18 Oct 2009 @11pm(malaysia time).

Hurry up and Good Luck !!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Coming Back again...

I am coming back ...I have not been updating my blog for the past 10 days.
Everynight when I sit in front of my laptop, for sure, I will login to Facebook and MyLot,no time to touch my blog.
But tonight I decided to update my blog with some outdated posts.

1. UK Fun Fair
This is not the first time having UK fun fair at Sibu,I been there once before I give birth to Ryan,Nothing special!!
This time, me and hubby brought Ryan to fun fair for the first time.Ryan was so happy when I told her that tonight daddy will bring him to funfair.He can't wait to go there and enjoy himself.
We went there during weekday,sorry I can't remember on which date I went there.
It is not crowded and as I expected,the fun fair is lousy.Nothing special.We spent RM30 on te fun fair.Entrance fee only cost RM4 (for 2 adults & Ryan is FOC).I tried to play some game,but won nothing.
Ryan took the train ride,drum spinning and Super Wheel.He need an accompany for all the rides.

Few pictures taken at Fun Fair for sharing :

2. Small gift from Dumex
I do subscribe to Parenthood magazine and last month I saw this message to join the Dumex Club and will get a soft & warm toddler blanket.
Last week, I received the blanket,it is very soft fabric ,but the size of the blanket is too small for Ryan.
So I just keep in nicely inside the cabinet.I guess this blanket will be un-useable forever as I don't intend for have the second one.

3. Blowing Hair
Ryan used to scare of hair dryer.Everytime when he saw me or hubby is using the hair dryer,he will quickly run out from the room.
Lately,he show an interest to try on the hair dryer and he is no longer scared of it.
He even want to blow dry his hair by himself.

To make him happy and satisfied ,I let him blow his hair for awhile and I quickly grabbed my camera for snapping some pictures.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Ryan @ 32 months

I have not been updating my blog for the past one week. Actually, I am more concentrating on MyLot lately. Trying my best to reach my minimum payout and at last I reached my target and I am looking forward for my first payout mid of this month.

Back to my topic, Ryan has reached 32 months old today...so fast, Ryan is going to be 3 years old in another 4 months time.Time for him to go nursery soon next year.

1. Start to self-feeding with spoon.Foods will spill out here and there,bit messy.But it is a good starting for him to learn to feed himself.
2. Can sing some songs(not a complete songs),sometimes he does create his own song.
3. Like to watch Ultraman & Transformers.
He can watch Ultraman everyday and he won't get bored of it.
4. Like to eat mango,previously don't like mango fruit at all.
5. Can put on his own sandal,sometimes will wear it terbalik (left to right and right to left).
6. Super talkactive lately,like to imitate people's talking.
7. Can remember his own name,daddy & mummy's name,Grandma & Grandpa's name.
8. Still like a bird coming out from the cage - prefer to walk himself when going out.
9. Eat adult foods as long as not spicy food.
10. Drink plenty of water and ribena in a day.

and Lots more to be updated...it will be a long list and these are some of the development that I can remember well.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My First Lantern

This afternoon, Grandma (my MIL) brought Ryan a lantern,it is a robot lantern,using batteries to operate.
Ryan was so excited and can't wait to see the robot do some actions(sing a song,make a shooting and walking action).
He even brought the robot lantern to the bedroom and put it beside his bed.Sleep together with his robot lantern.

Ryan used to scare of noisy sound ,it makes me hesitate to buy this kind of lantern for him. But I am wrong, Ryan is not scared at all now. This afternoon, when his daddy 'On' the lantern, he was so curious and wanted to hold the lantern by himself.
Brave Boy !!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Another Suprise Gift .. !!

This is one of my backdated post.Since I have some free time, let's me share some surprise gifts that I received for the past few days.

1. Present from Mummy Moon

First, I would like to say 'thank you' to BeeMoon for sending me a belated birthday present for me.Not to forget, she also send a suprise present for my boy Ryan.Thank you so much,my dear friend!!

It is my first time receiving a birthday present from a blogger mummy. I am so happy having such a sweet friend like you.

We wish both of us "friendship forever".

2. Gift from MumCentre

Longtime never join a photo contest. I received an email from MumCentre in June'09 that they are having PhotoBlog Contest for the month of July, I just grabbed few of Ryan pictures and posted into my calender blog.

To my suprise, I won!!
Received an email about my winning & 2 days ago I received Megakidz voucher worth RM75 from this contest.

Thanks lot to Mumcentre!!!
Since I am going to KL on 27-30Dec'09, It is good present for Ryan to enjoy his time at Megakidz. It will be our first time @Megakidz too.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Happy News for Sharing !!

Another backdated post for sharing.These are all the happy news that happened for the past one week. Due to my Flu sickness, I am delaying in updating my blog.

Let's start with all the happy news to share with my bloggers' friends.

1. My Friend 's visit (5-7 Sept '09)

Last Saturday (5th Sept 2009), my friend Lily and her cute dotter came to visit me from Kuching. I was so happy to meet them,our last meet up was in Singapore 2 years ago. Now her dotter has grown up and so cute. I went to airport to fetch them, then brought them for lunch.We had CharSiew + Chicken Rice,after that I sent them to hotel for check-in. After having their shower and rest, we headed to town area. Lily came to Sibu to buy some curtain fabric as it was cheaper in Sibu compared to Kuching. The same kind of fabric can cost RM25/mtr,whereas in Sibu only sell around RM9/mtr after further discount.She spent few hundred bucks on fabric itself. For dinner, we have steamboat at Shabu-Shabu. That night, Ryan was not joining us.He was taking care by my MIL for that whole saturday. I was glad that Ryan did not fussy and good boy for that whole day. Of course, when Ryan saw me & his daddy back home at night, he was so happy. The first word from his mouth is 'Mummy Mummy'. I am so touching and faster gave him a warmest hug.

The next day (Sunday), I fetched Lily and her dotter for breakfast. We are having 'Tien Biang Hu',this is one of the Foochow special food at Sibu. It is actually made from a flour and is served in soup.Then we headed to a supermarket for a quick shopping before headed to my house. This is 2nd time Ryan met my friend's dotter (Peixin). They feel shy to each other.We also snapped some pictures at my house.
Around 1.30pm, we went for heavy lunch.Very Very full and even have some leftover (fried mee).After lunch, we went to Famous temple at Sibu (Tua Pek Khong),a small Sibu waterfront and Lily bought some xtra curtain fabric again.
Since it was going to be 4pm, we went back home.Ryan started to get fussy.Less than 5 mins, he fall sleep and I chatted with Lily while Ryan was having his late nap.
We have late dinner that night, we went to new kopitiam for our dinner,the food are not nice (feel regret go there eat,nothing is yummy).

Next Monday, Lily and her dotter were getting ready back to Kuching. They were on 11.30am flight back to Kuching. I sent them to airport and also took some pictures at the airport.Will share the pictures in my next post...still waiting for Lily to forward me the pics.

I am so happy for their visit and Hope to see them again!!

For adding, Ryan also received small present from Lily and Peixin, a puzzle & T-shirt. As for me, Lily bought me some local titbits (Tau Sar Piah & Pong Piah), pineapple cookies and crackers.Thank you so much,Lily & Peixin!!

2. Gift from Drypers company

I received a call from SCA last week that I was selected as one of the Star Letter for Apr-Jun'09 of Drypers Parents' Circle.As a token of appreciation for my contribution, I will received some diapers and Mystery gift from SCA.
It was sent to me by courier,the content are 2 packs of XXL Drypers Wee Wee ,1 diaper bag and 1 cow hand puppet.
When Ryan saw that parcel, he could not wait to open it up and see what is the content of the box.So excited!!

Thanks to SCA again, this is my 3rd time being selected as Star Letter in Drypers Parents' Circle.

3. Another present from My Friend Lily

Yesterday, I received a parcel again from Lily,Kuching.She bought me 2 packs of mooncake,some red packets(for my collection) and a suprise present for Ryan...that's Puku Petit water bottle. I love this water bottle,big in size and good in quality too. Actually Ryan has the same kind of water bottle ,but I left it in Medan(my hometown). I was finding high and low at Sibu,can't get it here. Ryan was so happy with his new water bottle and Thanks again to Lily & Peixin for this suprise present.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Flu Flu ... I hate It

My friend from Kuching is visiting me last Saturday and today she just went back to Kuching with her cute dotter.I was so happy can meet these old friend, we have not been meet up for about 2 years. She comes from the same hometown as me (from Medan too). We get to know each other from our husband.

This afternoon , I got my nose blocked after wake up from nap and I guess, the flu virus is bugging me AGAIN...Oh Gosh, I hate it. Hope after took the medicine, I will get better by tomorrow.

Temporary , I will have a break for myself and will update my blog again after I am fully recovered,so STAY TUNED!!!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Mummy's Bday Picture

Ryan was so excited when he saw his daddy took out the cake from the fridge...he faster ran to the living room...standby want to eat the cake.But then....mummy told him that has to snap some picture before we ate the cake. So my lovely hubby snapped some pictures for me(with Ryan).Too bad hubby did not snap our family picture..I myself also forget about it. I guess we couldn't wait to eat the b'day cake.
After blowing the candle...cut the cake . We all enjoyed eating the cake. The balance of the cake was sapu habis by 3 of us on the next day.(Big Appetite)!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me ***

Today 27 Aug 2009 is my Birthday. Don't ask me about my age. That is a secret. What I can reveal out is that I am in the midst of 30's (Already in Gear no.3). Time flies so fast...I still remember well the time I graduated from my high school,went to Spore for further studies, worked there for a couple of years,met my hubby in Spore,dating there and at last we decided to settle down back to Sibu. It was still fresh in my mind and now I am reaching age of 30+.I am now a mummy of 1 little boy.No longer enjoy my single life there.

Any special celebration for my birthday? Just a simple dinner at home and after dinner have a cut cake session.Hubby bought me a Tiramisu Cake.Ryan sang a Birthday Song for Mummy & also give me a kiss. I am so happy...tis is my 2nd time celebrating my Birthday with Ryan.

Will update some pictures in my next post.

*** Happy Birthday to Me ***

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Countdown.....For my Birthday

Another 4 days...my age will add for another 1 year....so old:( Age is catching up and life is still go on.
Any celebration ??? Actually we are planning for dinner buffet on Sat night(22Aug - early celebration) at RH Hotel(only have buffet on every Sat)...at last cancel it off. Due to H1N1...better to stay indoor.

Hubby suggested to go for Pizza + KFC...tapao back home eat on 27 August. Not a bad idea since Ryan has been craving for both food.Then will get a birthday cake too (I am a cake lover). Any suprise pressie from hubby? Really don't know.Till now he never give me any hints yet.

5 4 3 2 1 .... Yeah......My Big Day !!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I believe everybody try this Kue Lapis Beras before and that's one of my favo kueh.In Hokkien, it is also called Kow Teng Kueh.Ryan also love to eat this cake...so far, I can't find the best Kow Teng Kueh at Sibu yet...all are lack of coconut milk taste. So after googled for several recipes and make a comparison, I decided to follow this recipe.

It is my first time making Kue Lapis Beras, I reduced to half all the ingredient from this recipe. How about the outcome?? It taste not bad (according to hubby) and Ryan also love eating it too.
Probably will make this kueh again tomorrow if I am not lazy since we all love eating this kueh.

Last Sunday is a good weekend for me to try new recipe. I was craving for Chicken Rice (using rice cooker). I have tried cooking this chicken rice a few months back...and this is my 2nd attempt. Hope can get it taste better compared to my first attempt.
So Sunday morning, I went to nearby supermarket to get ready all the ingredients needed,I omitted the lap cheong and cut the chicken breast meat + mushroom into small pieces,so that easier for Ryan to eat.
Taste is yummy...and 3 of us finished up whole big bowl of chicken rice that Sunday night.

It is always a big headache for me while thinking of what to cook for Ryan today...,need to open up my fridge and checked out what ingredient available there before start cooking.I want to let Ryan try different type of food,prefer home-cooked food for him rather than tapao outside.Since there is some leftover rice in the fridge...let's try cook Fried Rice with tomatoes,sausages & leek for his lunch. I also added bit of tomatoes sauce into the fried rice...taste great and Ryan can't wait to try it out too..he kept walk to the kitchen while I was cooking the fried rice for him.

Friday, August 14, 2009

What Am I Busy Lately ???

I am just wondering what am I busy about lately apart from taking care Ryan full-time.Since MIL has started to work on her confinement job, I have to do my own cooking for dinner,been to wet market every weekend and of course have to do some house chores(mopping the living room + kitchen which is usually done by MIL when she is at home...Am I a bad Daughter-In-Law??).

I have not been touching my blog for the past few days since my last post on 10 Aug'09, the reason behind it is because I am addicted to SOMETHING. You might be wondering what's that??
'The Little Nyonya' Drama is the movie that I am addicted lately. I just can't wait till 7pm and sit down in front of TV to catch up this Spore drama...Very Touching story about Nyonya & Baba Life in Spore & Malacca.I fall in love with this storyline..I managed to get this drama online via u-tube. Everynight I will spend about 1-2hrs to watch this drama online after dinner.I still have a few more episodes to go (now I am at episode-31)...before it comes to the end(total : 34 episodes).

Sorry for not dropping by all my friends' blog for the time being...Sure I will do it once I have finished with my drama.Not to forget to update my blog too.

For those who are interested to watch this drama, go to this link :
The Little Nyonya
or you can catch up at Astro AEC 7pm Monday-Friday.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Suprise Gift

Another backdated post....It supposed to be updated last 3 days..but due to my tiredness after do housechores & taking care Ryan 24/7, I just don't have an energy to update my blog at night.I need a rest after the hectic day.

Tonight, I feel more fresh and would like to stay up late to update blog & surf net.

I received this suprise gift from Mummy Yugene 3 days ago..A nice Mickey T-Shirt for my boy Ryan. The colour is nice and that's on of Ryan's favo cartoon character.

* Ryan would like to say ' Thank you ' to Auntie Yugene being so sweet to send him this little gift.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Steamed Cream Cracker Cake & Konnyaku Jelly

I have been craving for some Jellys & Steamed Cream Cracker Cake since last weekend,but just lazy to make it. Today, I decided to make both of them since hubby can help me takecare of Ryan while I am busy at the kitchen. This morning I went to nearby supermarket to get ready all the ingredients needed.

After having our breakfast, I started preparing the ingredients for Steamed Cracker Cake. FYI, I only learnt how to make this cake after I married and move back to Sibu. My hubby was telling me that he wanted to eat Steamed Cream Cracker Cake few yrs back so I asked my MIL how to make it.Not so difficult and I gave a try, taste not bad and I like it too.Even my boy Ryan also like to eat this cake.He can simply finish 1 whole piece by himself.

Let's me share with you this recipe :

1.Sliced some carrots ,1 big onion, 1 can of luncheon meat and some leeks into small pieces.
2.Seasoning : pepper,Maggi Seasoning (powder form).
3.1 pack of cream cracker biscuit (I used Tiger Brand - the best is to use Jacob brand).
4.1 tin of Evaporated milk(any brand will do).
5.8-10 eggs (depend on the size of the egg).

1.Grease the baking tray(square size) with some butter ( that is to prevent the cake stick to the tray - easier to wash the tray).
I need 9 pcs of cream cracker biscuit per layer.You can use smaller size of baking tray,but must be in Square Size.

2.Stir fried the carrots,leeks,big onions + luncheon meat.Add the seasoning too. The put aside.

3.Beat the eggs,add in Evaporated Milk and mixed them well.

4.Soak the cream cracker biscuits into the step (3).

5.Layer the cream cracker biscuits into the baking tray (3x3).

6.Put in the mixed carrot+leek+luncheon meat+onion (from step-2)in the next layer.

7.Repeat till all the ingredients are used up.It will looks like a layer cake.

8.Steam high heat for about half an hour/till cooked. Served with Chilly Sos.


We are having this Steamed Cream Cracker Cake for lunch. Ryan also having 1 piece of steamed cake + 1 bowl of Beetroot porridge for his lunch.

After lunch, I started to make Konnyaku Jelly (orange flavour).I am using Konnyaku Jelly Premix Powder from Jelea. So far, I only can find 2 flavours avail in supermarket : Lychee & Orange.

Hubby and Ryan only like to eat 'Jelly',they dislike 'Agar-Agar'. Since weather is so hot lately.... eating Jelly after dinner is the best appetizer for tonight.

** Happy Sunday **

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ryan @ 2 Years 6 Months

Finally....Ryan has achieved another milestone...He is 2.5 years old today. This little fella is a super active boy.

Let's talk about his development :

1. Talks alot nowadays,Once he wakup in the morning, my radio start 'ON'(Ryan starts to talk) till he naps in the afternoon.
2. Start to sing a song...although still can't sing clearly.
3. Super demanding ... want this and that.Will begging and begging till he gets the things that he wants.
4. Like to eat steam fish (with black beans).
5. Start to introduce starfruit recently and he loves it too.
6. Whenever he saw' starfish ' in his sticker book, he will say ' starfruit '. Do they look the same???
7. Like to do colouring.
8. Can cycle super fast...sometimes like to action ' close his eyes and cycle around the house'.
9. Can climb the stairs up and down by himself...sometimes even like to play and pretend climb the staircase like a dog.****
10. Still a bread lover,Must eat with either kaya or ice-cream.

Happy 30 months old to my boy Ryan!!!

Happy weekend to all my friends!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fried Kampua Noodle

It was a backdated post...I cook Fried Kampua Noodle for Ryan 2 days ago for his lunch.But no time to update this post.

Sibu is very famous of its Kampua Mee.You can easily find it available at the Kopitiam anytime.It is a Foochow noodle dish which is tasty and economical and loved by local people.

Normally,I will buy the Kampua mee from wet market (sell in wet or dry) and cook them myself at home.
Most of the times, I will toast the kampua mee with fried onion+garlic,add bit of oil and seasoning and add some spring onion. This time, I tried to cook it in another way by frying the kampua mee,added some sausages,sayur sawi + tomatoes.

The taste is good and Ryan likes it alot....a simple dish for our lunch!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Babylove Organic Cleanser

Another backdated post...I received this Babylover organic Cleanser few weeks ago,sent to me by courier. I saw their advertisement in The Parenthood Magazine June'09 edition and they are giving free sample of 150ml Baby Organic Cleanser worth Rm9.90. So I faster sent them an email....3-4 weeks later I got their sample and till today I am yet to try it on as my current Pureen bottle cleanser still have some.They also gave me 2 pcs of gift vouchers.

To request for free sample of Baby Organic Cleanser ,please email them at : babylove@babyloveasia.com....Hope you will receive the sample soon.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Long Life Noodle(meesuah) Soup

Again... about food!!!
I always have to plan at least one day in advance for Ryan's meal. Since he has tried all kind of porridge since he was 6 mths old,has been eating noodle at least once a week...let's cook for him 'long life noodle(Mee Suah) soup' for his lunch today.Normally I will cook meesuah for Ryan when I have xtra chicken soup the night before. So today is the first time I cook meesuah for him without chicken soup.

Added some green vegetables(grown by MIL at house's compound),egg and some spring onions.I did not cook the meesuah together with the soup, coz the meesuah is bit salty. So I boiled the meesuah separately. Taste good...with this simple dishes, it takes 20 mins for Ryan to finish up the whole bowl.

Now...I have to think again, what is tomorrow meal for Ryan?? Porridge ?? Beehoon??

Thursday, July 9, 2009

MyLot ~Making Online Money

I came across this website MyLot from one of the blogger mummy MUMMYMOON.

MyLot is a site for you to earn money without any registration fee.
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Discuss topics about anything and everything under the sun. And guess what? You get paid for replying to comments! The more you reply, the more money you get! You can also get paid by joining other member's discussion and reply to those.
There are practically numbers of topics you can discuss at MyLot. Topics such as love, relationship, money, pets, work, parenting, business, travel, food...etc . And every replies earns money! I wouldn't mind joining in if I am getting paid either.

I myself have been addicted to this website for the past few days (since I joined as a member).
Let's click on this link : shia88MyLot to learn more about MyLot and hurry up let's join the group.

Good Luck & Happy Lotting!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Art Work

I have been wanted to post about Ryan's art work a few months back,but I just keep delaying till now. Yesterday,his daddy bought a new set of colour pencils for Ryan as the old set are getting shorter. Ryan was so happy, faster grab and paper and scribble here & there. He tried every single colour on the paper. He still can't hold the pencil properly,so just anyhow draw.I have tried to hold his hand and teach him some colouring and drawing some simple pictures like moon,egg,etc.

Can you guys figure out what is Ryan drawing on the paper?? Does not look like a rainbow....it's an abstract drawing from Ryan's big effort. Keep it up,Ryan!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

My 29 Months Old

Another backdated post..I suppose to update this post 2 days ago (1 July '09). Ryan has reached his 29 months old....next month he will be 2.5 yrs old....Very fast,another 6 months he will be 3 yrs old and time for schooling (** big headache for mummy coz worry Ryan will cry and not get used to his new activity **).

New updates of his development :

1. Still like to eat any kind of green vegetables.
2. Does not like to eat banana and papaya...other fruits like orange,grape,apple,pear still Ok.
3. Can speak up more words(Have been trying to combine 2-3 words together..try to make up a sentences)...That's a good improvement.
4. Learning ABC,123,colours and shapes.
5. Fancy of Robots (due to Transformers2 ~ everyday will ask for robot robot).His daddy wants to bring him to cinema to watch Transformers2,but due to Influenza A,better stay indoor and avoid public place.
When Ryan saw the Transformers2 advertisement, he will say ' robot' and want us to repeat the advertisement,OMG..lucky our Astro Max machine can review back the advertisement.
6. Like to eat Pizza...everyday will say 'pizza pizza',so most probably tomorrow will bring him to Pizza Hut for lunch.
7. Like to watch Teletubbies( new program for Ryan - he can learn about nursery songs,abc,colours,123).
8. Prefer to sleep with his daddy at night.
9. Difficult to get Ryan take his nap - sometimes even give me a 'black face' when I asked him to up to the bedroom for his nap.So sometimes it drag till 4pm,then he will dozed off.
10.Super demanding boy..want this and that and if never give the things that he want,will cry.
11.Like to eat Prunes (new snack for Ryan - he will eat everyday 2 pcs) since I have cut down his intake on biscuits.
12.Like to eat London Swissroll (have tried blueberry,milk,vanilla,pandan flavour and all he likes it).
13.Like to drink green bean soup(must with bit of sugar).
14.Have been dragging his night sleep time till almost 11.30-12 midnight (keep want to play n play).
15.Hate to go for hair-cut...will cry loudly.
16.Scared to go doctor...will cry before enter the clinic.

Happy 29 months old to my precious boy,Ryan!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Pitted Prunes

Ryan has been fancy of eating 'Sunsweet pitted prunes' since last month.Everyday after breakfast, he will have 1 piece and after dinne will have another 1 piece. He will say " hei hei prune(it means black colour prune)" and pointed the cabinet where I keep the prune inside.
Sunsweet prunes are full of vitamins and minerals.Prunes are plum full of antioxidants - and may slow the aging process in both body and brain. They also have long been known to be a good source of fiber and as a nutrient-rich fruit with multiple health benefits.
Check this out for more recipes on Prunes ~ http://www.sunsweet.com/recipes/prunes.asp

Saturday, June 27, 2009

ABC Pasta

Have been thinking of what to cook for Ryan's lunch today...suddenly I remembered this ABC pasta. Dig out my fridge, have tomatoes,sausage & carrot & other vegetables.

Ok...let's make ABC Pasta for Ryan with tomatoes,sausage,carrot and big onion. I bought Mushroom Pasta sos a few weeks ago ... time to use it up.I cooked 2 plates of pasta,for me n for Ryan. I am so happy that Ryan like to eat Pasta(same with me,Pasta mania). We finished up the pasta within 20 mins.....Feel so full!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another Attack ***

My nose was feeling itchy last night...Juz wondering will the flu virus attacking me again?? My body is getting weaker nowadays,easily attacking by flu virus(every month will have flu). Probably I am lacking in consuming Vit C.
Bit of running nose this morning(not worse condition)... will consume my medicine after having my breakfast later.
Hope I will be fine soon as I need to take care Ryan full-time & I don't want the virus transferred to him.

Wish myself have a speedy recovery!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

See **** What am I busy about ??

What is my little son doing in front of his daddy's laptop??

I noticed Ryan know how to climb up to the chair by himself lately and sit in front of the laptop playing with the keyboard,normally he always sit at our lap while we are surfing nets.......Lastnight while his daddy was surfing nets, he said 'Ryan Ryan' insisted that he wanted to surf nets too. Okie~~...let him be the little blogger for awhile before asking him to sleep. He pretended to be a typist....kept pressing the keyboard and accidentally the screen appeared a DOG,
Ryan said : " ooh ooh-ooh ooh " (he means a dog is barking).I quickly walked to the laptop to take a look on what is on the screen. That is really a dog on the laptop screen making some cute expression.

I better pay xtra attention to Ryan in case he climb up the chair when I am not at his side next time.(scared he will fall down and knock on the table).